10 Highlights of Something Wicked Festival 2017

| November 14, 2017

This year was my second time exploring the haunted grounds of Something Wicked and this spooky Halloween weekend was definitely a fearful one. Something Wicked did a great job with everything, from a fast entrance access, to the amazing lights that enhanced the venue's darkest places.

The energy that every artist brought was out of this world and the stages went above and beyond expectations. I’m excited to see what Disco Donnie can do next year. 

Let's relive the memories of Something Wicked 2017 with the 10 highlights of the weekend.


1. The Bass Crypt stage was one of a kind

This stage was round and had a big screen in shape of the state of Texas. This Texas stage screen was a huge attraction for many and home for artist such as RL Grime, Ganja White Night, along other filthy hitters.


2. Who let the freaks out?

The Asylum was home for all them freaks who enjoy wearing a Halloween Costume. This Halloween-themed festival brought everyone’s best sense of humor along with their freaky side. I went in expecting seeing 99% of the festival goers dressed as IT but I was wrong, Tina Belcher was behind me, in front of me, next to me and even in the water line. Everyone went above and beyond with their Halloween rave outfits, and it added to the spooky vibe. 



3. Easy access from one stage to the other

The layout of this festival was set up great, and had easy access to food, bathrooms and stages. Being able to get from one stage to the other with no problem as well as being able to find your friends right away was a big plus in this venue.



4. Free cocktails from Johnie Walker Red Label

Johnie Walker Red Label had their own little kiosk where they offered free cocktail drinks. I decided to stop by and try one myself. Mixed with ginger ale or sparkling water, the drink was garnished with a lemon wedge or basil. This scotch was a little strong for me so I decided to only have one and I passed the word around about this place to everyone who I would ran into. Everybody is always down for a free drink right? This was the a favorite stop if you are 21 and older!


5. Every artist's set was on point

Every artist brought their spooky game face on and had every raver headbanging, shuffling and in their feelings. From grooving to Spancer Brown, getting lost in Rezz's manipulation mass, vibing to some trance and getting ratchet to some RL GRIME made this Halloween weekend one to remember.



6. Visuals to get lost in

As I approached the main stage, I started noticing all kinds of screens which it made me curious to see all the visuals the artists were going to have during their set. If you’ve seen Above and Beyond then you know what kind of visuals they have, and this stage was the perfect fit for them. If you haven't, add it to the rave bucket list. 



7. The noodles were AMAZING

One of the things I always look forward at festivals is the food and let me tell you, these noodles were to die for. I added teriyaki chicken to my mine and it felt like they brought me back to life. If you did not get some noodles, you definitely missed out and I encourage you to try them next time.


8. Plenty of room to get lost in the music

Music lovers understand how music takes you to a different place. Many people get lost in it by dancing. There was plenty of room to groove and I was able to enjoy every set at every stage without being pushed around or crowded. 



9. The staff was friendly

Walking through security line wasn’t a hassle, and the friendly staff through out the grounds were helpful and always smiling.


10. The upstanding porta potty

Another thing I was really pleased by was how many porta potties the festival provided. Not only there was plenty of them, but they were clean and I never had to wait very long. 



Something Wicked Festival was a blast once again. Thank you Disco Donnie for this amazing production and for an awesome line up that had something for everyone. iEDM plans to attend again next year, and this freaky delight of an event should be on every raver's festival bucket list. 

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Lacy Bursick

Lacy Bursick

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