10 Hooded Rave Tops To Keep You Cozy

| February 23, 2022

There's nothing better than a day off, listening to your favorite tunes, wrapped up in your most comfortable outfit. So why settle and just be comfy at home when iEDM has fashion-forward attire that seamlessly blends both comfort and style? iEDM's complimentary hooded staples range from traditional hoodies and crop hoodies to hooded blankets and onesies. 


Check out iEDM's 10 Hooded Rave Tops To Keep You Cozy below.



Doodle Ohm Hooded Blanket

Meditation is key to a healthy, happy life. Take that positive vibe with you everywhere with the Doodle Ohm Hooded Blanket. Vibrant colors flow into an iconic ohm symbol centered on this hooded blanket. Now you can blanket yourself in warm positive energy all night long.


Buy iEDM's Doodle Ohm Hooded Blanket HERE!



Snow Leopard Crop Hoodie


One style that never fades away is animal print and iEDM has the perfect print. The Snow Leopard Crop Hoodie was made to turn heads at your next rave. A black and white leopard print covers this cozy little crop hoodie. Don't be shy, show off your wild side.


Buy iEDM's Snow Leopard Print Fleece Crop Hoodie HERE!



Chill G Onesie

What's up football heads? For those that grew up on Hey Arnold!, iEDM has the perfect onesie to show off your fandom. The Chill G Onesie features a meditating Gerald over a blue and pink backdrop. This onesie is both nostalgic and cozy. 


Buy iEDM's Chill G Onesie HERE!



Peace And Love Hooded Blanket

Peace and love are essential terms when thinking of any facet of EDM. The Peace And Love Hooded Blanket was made to spread that mantra everywhere you go while looking like a dime. Go on and spread peace, love, and even some snuggles. 


Buy iEDM's Peace And Love Hooded Blanket HERE!



Magical Balance Cloak


We all fantasize about being Doctor Strange from time to time. The Magical Balance Cloak is here to accomplish your dreams of being the next sorcerer supreme. A blend of tie-dye and geometry, this cloak has it all. Cast a spell on your fellow ravers with this rave cloak.  


Buy iEDM's Magical Balance Cloak HERE!



Skeleton Onesie

Spooky, scary, skeletons, send shivers down your spine. Be frightful and delightful with the Skeleton Onesie. For those with a love of both rave culture and all things horror, this is the perfect outfit that will chill your fellow ravers to the bone. 


Buy iEDM's Skeleton Onesie HERE!



Party Geometric Hoodie

90s kids will rejoice with this comfy hoodie that fills that nostalgic void. The Party Geometric Hoodie features an iconic design reminiscent of 90s arcades and food courts. This design holds up and will have you partying like it's 1999.  


Buy iEDM's Party Geometric Hoodie HERE!



Alien Arrival Crop Hoodie

The Alien Arrival Crop Hoodie has landed and is invading every festival this summer. Trip everyone out when you reveal this colorful look featuring an alien wanting peace front and center. This is dope crop hoodie definitely a must-buy. 


Buy iEDM's Alien Arrival Hooded Blanket HERE!



Black And Yellow Paint Splatter Hoodie Dress

You don't have to be a Pittsburgh Steelers or Wiz Khalifa fan to love this color combination. The Black And Yellow Paint Splatter Hoodie Dress will make everyone look stunning. This is a guaranteed drippy hoodie dress. 


Buy iEDM's Black And Yellow Paint Splatter Fleece Crop Hoodie HERE!



Kaleidoscope Eyes Cloak

Experience the spiritual spectacle of a light show 24/7 with the Kaleidoscope Eyes Cloak. This comfy piece of clothing shows off that kaleidoscope effect perfectly to the point that it's addicting. Hypnotize your fellow ravers with this rave cloak.


Buy iEDM's Kaleidoscope Eyes Cloak HERE!



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For more pullover hoodies, zip-up hoodies, and hoodie dresses, check out iEDM's Hoodies Collection HERE!


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