10 Hoodie Dresses That Will Electrify Your Wardrobe This 2018

| January 08, 2018

Some of the country has faced a lot of cold weather this season with snow wrapping a cross the South and non stop cold fronts sweeping the nation. Some like this time of year because it gives them the opportunity to wear more of the edm clothes they love.

The hoodie dress is here to keep you even warmer, covering some leg and keeping the rest of your upper body cozy. They work great with pants of all kinds, and on the days that it's not freezing, they even go well with no pants. Hoodie dresses keep you warm, but also leave room for unique accessories and shoes, like knee high boots or adorable rave fluffies.

They are so convenient. Just throw it on over those rave clothes and head to the show. The artistic print will have you wearing your hoodie dress every day. Check out these 10 Hoodie Dresses That Will Electrify Your Wardrobe This Year. 


1. Galactic Valley


This makes me itch for a camping trip because what a peaceful sight. The color scheme on this design alone is amazing. It has a serene vibe, but a vibrant colorful tone which is perfect for raves and festivals. Throw it on with some boots, and you are ready to rage the night away in style. 



2. Dreamstate 


What are dreams really made of? They are created by life and all of its intention. Here we have the creation of life itself expressed through the lovely flower of life dot art and the energy needed for that represented with Metatron's cube, which is seen multiple times on this work of art. There are even different phases of creation down the very center. 



3. Hyperion


In Greek mythology, Hyperion was one of the twelve Titan children of Gaia and Uranus, and was also known as the God of heavenly light. The name means "watcher from above." This colorful water paint hoodie dress is for all of the light workers out there consciously spreading love and light everywhere they go. We need more beings like that. 



4. Metatronic


Metatron's Cube represents the energy systems necessary for life and creation. The circles represent feminine and the straight lines represent masculine. The system in which life is created is represented by the flower of life, which is sketched perfectly behind Metatron's Cube. This Metatronic beauty is perfect for all of the creators out there. Stay woke, and keep creating!  



5. Stranger Things 


Stranger Things has kept people intrigued for almost two years now. It is one of the most watched shows, taking viewers into the mysterious world of The Upside Down. Who knows what this group of kids will get in to next. One thing we know, is that there is no room for any mouth breathers on their adventures. 



6. Pineal Metatron 


The pineal gland is your third eye and considered the holder of our spirit. For that to even be possible, creation has to take place with harnessed energy, represented by Metatron's Cube. Spiritual kings and queens, this scared geometric design and a royal color scheme is for you. Show off that divine side. 



7. Stardust


In the end, all we even know is just stardust. This accumulation of stardust looks like the perfect night. A beautiful sky, bae, and your fur baby, what else could you ask for? The print gives it a water color look as if you are wearing a canvas taken over by a breathtaking view. Art isn't only good for walls. 



8. Chill


The deep blue and purple here are what grabs the eye. Then you see what it is that has such a royal color. Blue dream or purple haze? Either way, this just makes you want to chill and pass one around. Looking at it, I can almost smell it. It's so beautiful that your friends may get lost staring in to it. 



9. Euphoria


If I could express the feeling of euphoria in a piece of art, this would be it. The explosion of bright colors swirling all together is what it feels like when all of those thoughts seem to suddenly make so much sense. It's a very exciting feeling, which is why it'd only make sense to use such vibrant colors.  



10. Catstronaut


This kitty looks like he has been on a mission or two in his time. Those patches say it all. He's probably on a mission to find more kitties and cat nip. Suite up! This is the best match for cold festival nights during galactic adventures with your own space squad. 



These 10 Hoodie Dresses are only some of the electrifying clothes that iEDM has to offer you. Check out more Hoodie Dresses HERE. 

Gear up for your next festival or rave with more amazing Rave Wear HERE

Stay warm and rage on! Festival season is right around the corner. 


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Kylie de la Bruyere

Kylie de la Bruyere

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