10 Hoodies That Will Give You The Munchies

| January 18, 2018

With the low temperatures, chill days have become more frequent. There are quite a few things you can do on a laid back day that adds to the relaxing vibe. Some of these include EDM, a lot of smoke, and yummy food. 

It happens incredibly often that my friends and I surprise each other by how much we eat. One minute there will be five pizzas, the next not even a crumb left. Just the sight of a pizza will have us calling in delivery. 

Having art around always enhances the experience no matter where you are at or what you are doing. Cozy up in one of these art filled hoodies, and go chill with your friends. It will add to your experience and give everyone the munchies. 

whether you are at a rave or kicking it at home, here are 10 hoodies that will give you the munchies. 


1. Pizza Taco Cat


This work of art is made of three of the best things in the world: a space kitty, taco, and pizza. This hoodie will not only give you the munchies, it’ll make you want to grab your favorite cat and take them with you on all of your galactic adventures. Cats don’t actually eat these things. So, more for you. 



2. Pancake Stack


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is how you wear it without disappointing your mom. I’m craving these hot cakes just looking at this wonderful view. Stay caked up and don’t forget the butter and syrup. 



3. Felix The Cat


Throw it back with Felix The Cat. This was one of the first successful cartoons to be produced. Your grandparents will be so amazed that you have a Felix shirt, that they will not even notice what else is going on here. This is what happens when you put a millennial's touch on the 1920s. 



4. Gumball 3000


Space Cadet Gumball is on a mission to spread his gummy love to infinity and beyond. Support his movement and spread awareness. The only danger here is when you get high and constantly feel like you don’t have enough gum. So, you just stuff your face with more. Chew responsibly people.



5. Cuban Coffee


You’ll never forget your morning coffee wearing this caffeine explosion. Some call the act of pouring an art. This pour speaks for itself. The brown on white gives it a unique color blend. Everything about this hoodie is upbeat and is perfect for all of those obsessive coffee addicts out there. Drink up, or in this case, dive in!



6. Space Pickle Rick 


Ok, Pickle Rick might not exactly look appetizing, but when you’re high, weird stuff can happen in your mind. One minute he’s reminding you of Rick, and the next he is reminding you of how good those vinegar ridden cucs are. Grab a pickle, hit a fatty, and throw on Rick and Morty cozied up in your favorite hoodie. A good time is guaranteed.



7. Trippy Waffle 


Trippy is how I like my art and now my breakfast. There is nothing better than sitting down for a waffle and some OJ after a long night of smoky adventures with the crew. Now I won't be able to stop thinking about the buttery syrupy goodness until I get some. 



8. Chill 


The deep blue and purple here are what grabs the eye. Then you see what it is that has such a royal color. Blue dream or purple haze? Either way, this just makes you want to chill and pass one around. Looking at it, I can almost smell it. It's so beautiful that your friends may get lost staring in to it.  



9. Pizza 


Mmmmm, the cheesy greasy goodness just never gets old. Really, what’s better than bread, cheese, and pepperoni? If I were to wait for a valid answer to that, I’d be waiting forever. Plus, I think I’m going to go order a pizza now anyway. BRB.



10. Candies 


This one is full of flavor. Who ever throws this on will be looking tasty and will be having everyone craving some candies. Pick this up and throw some vibrant color in to your wardrobe with these electrifying candies. 


All of these designs can be found at, where you can find all of your psychedelic clothing and rave gear needs. 

Check out more of the Munchies Collection HERE

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Kylie de la Bruyere

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