10 Hoodies To Represent Your Spirit Animal

| January 12, 2018

We share the world with so many other creatures in the world, but there are always a few that we personally connect with more. 

Whether it's the slow paced lifestyle of a sloth, or the fast paced lifestyle of a cheetah, we can each identify with some animal in the world. 

Sometimes we connect with our pets like cats and dogs, or sometimes we connect with mythical creatures of the past like dinosaurs

We sometimes have animal visions in dreams, called totems. Or we can keep running into the same wild animal and noticing its powerful presence. Animal totems can be there to give you a message or teach you a life lesson. They can represent things like wisdom, courage and peace. 

Whatever your spirit animal is, represent it with art. Here are 10 art-inspired animal themed hoodies to represent your spirit animal. 



1. Lion 


If your spirit animal is a lion, you are relentless and you are the king of the jungle (or maybe in our rave world, king of the festival!). Lions are a power animal and they are also the animal for the zodiac sign Leo. This King Of Lions Hoodie is perfect to embrace your inner fierce side and ROAR your style. 



2. Cat 


A cat as a spirit animal means you like to explore the unknown. Cats are mysterious and sometimes aloof. They are independent and maybe a little crazy, in good ways, of course. This crazy space kitty is about to munch down on its two favorite foods, pizza and tacos. Nom Nom Nom. The Pizza Taco Cat is the perfect hoodie for all you cats with the munchies. And if this isn't the cat hoodie for you, we have an entire Cat Collection HERE.  



3. Panda 


Pandas have become so popular that there's even a rap song. PANDA, PANDA. As a spirit animal, pandas represent tranquil, strength and determination. They are gentle, peaceful creatures. Everyone adores pandas and they are very balanced in life. This Astronaut Pals Hoodie is space scene of two friends getting lifted out of this world. 



4. Pug


Pugs are funny (and adorable) creatures. They are so ugly, they are cute. They live life carelessly and free. Pugs love to cuddle and are very playful by nature. As a spirit animal, they mean you care about your family and friends. Their quirky personality makes them very sociable but they also like solitude. If you rock the PUG LIFE, then this Galaxy Pug Hoodie is for you. 



5. Monkey


Monkeys symbolize the inner child and intelligence. Monkeys are sociable and entertaining. They are sometimes pranksters and love to play. They like to encourage shenanigans but they are also balanced with their humor. "Don't Kill My Vibe." This Meditating Rafiki Hoodie is all the chill you need when monkeying around. 



6. Owl 


If an owl is your spirit animal, it means you are wise beyond your years. Owls represent knowledge and wisdom. They are very attuned with the world around them. They are very intuitive and see in the dark. If an owl is your spirit animal, you love the night. This artful Owl Language Hoodie is vibrant and alluring, and it is perfect if you plan to attend EDC



7. Unicorn 


A unicorn is a star. It's unique, very special and very rare. They are mystical, beautiful creatures who show up in fairy tales and dreams. They represent manifestation and following your dreams. As a spirit animal, they can represent innocence give off a high vibration of positive energy. If you are a unicorn, this Unicorn Spew Hoodie represents all the vibrance of the rainbow. 



8. Fox 


The Fox is very cunning and can see through deception. They are very analytical, intelligent and focused. Foxes are lucky and quick thinkers. They are sometimes pranksters and very playful. They understand that wisdom can be found in humor. This Fox Hoodie represents the depth of a fox. They are beautiful and swift creatures. 



9. Giraffe


Giraffes can be tall and awkward but they are able to reach the stars. They are gentle spirits yet still very strong. They have an unmatched height and unmatched willpower. They remind you to "keep your head up" and are very positive creatures. The Moon Is Mine Hoodie shows a giraffe with its head in the clouds, reaching for the moon.  



10. Bear 


Bears are in touch with the earth and nature. They stand tall against potential threats and danger. As a spirit animal, they represent are strong leaders and very courageous. They are reliable, stable and extremely loyal. Bears protect their loved ones. This PLUR Bear Hoodie represents a psychedelic earthy image of an almighty bear. 



Don't see your spirit animal listed? Maybe you are a deer, a tiger, a zebra, an elephant, a sloth, a bird, a rhino, or even a llamcorn. There are so many amazing animals out there, that we can't list them all. 

Have no fear, find your spirit animal in the Animal Collection HERE


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Lacy Bursick

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