10 Hot Rave Men's Tank Tops

Everyone knows tank tops stay in style year round; ESPECIALLY if you are a raver. Chances are if you are going to a multi day festival or attending a concert with a warm environment a tank top should be in your wardrobe. The great thing about tank tops is that they are universal and fit people from all ages shapes and sizes. They are an underrated piece of clothing that can express so much about a person. 

Contrary to beliefs you do not need a "perfect" figure to wear a tank top. They are the perfect piece of clothing to show off your figure and how comfortable one is in their own skin. iEDM has a plethora of Men's rave tank tops to browse from in three different categories: Graphic Tanks, Muscle Tanks, and my favorite, Festival Tanks. Our tank tops are unique as many of the designs are created by several artists. Check out some of our favorite picks below!

1. Sloth Abduction 

Crazy combination of two things that are polar opposites. On one hand sloths cruise their way thru life hanging out on tress. On the other hand, we really do not know anything about aliens and what they do or if they even exist. However, in this design they coexist with shroomy smiles on their faces!

Add the Sloth Abduction to your cart HERE

2. Mushroom Head (NEW)

My guess is that these mushrooms are not hon-shimeji mushrooms but moreso from the psychadelic realm. Become one with a parallel universe by walking into the scene wearing this colorful masterpiece. 

Buy the Mushroom Head HERE

3. Star Drip (NEW) 

Stars and the galaxy are amazing, period. This Star Drip tank top is sure to add swag to your rave outfit as the colors clash from dark to light.

Add Star Drip to your cart HERE

4. Hipster Alien

This Hipster Alien is a whole vibe. Curled mustache, smoking a pipe, showing off tattoos looks like my kind of friend. Be the guy wearing a tank top of an alien wearing a tank top. Solid look for sure.

Buy the Hipster Alien HERE

5. Vegeta Super Saiyan Nug

Vegeta is an amazing supporting character in the classic Japanese show, Dragon Ball Z. Holding a fat nug makes this one of the most energetic tanks we have in catalog.

Get one step closer to Super Saiyan status HERE

6. Neon Night

It is doubftul I could climb a ladder to a mountain top to see this phenomenon. If this scenery exists in a real setting I would love a first class ticket to see it. Until then, I will settle for having this breathtaking design on my chest.

Buy Neon Night HERE

7. The Very Best (NEW)

Noctum X Truth collaborates with iEDM for another dope depiction. This rad design combines Pokemon nostalgia with the ever changing starry night sky. 

Add The Very Best to your cart HERE

8. The Field Trip

Although I feel like I am going on a field trip when traveling to shows or festivals, something gives me the indication that this illustration is not referencing the field trips we used to go on in school. It looks more like a trip field. Clothes are still required on most "field trips" and this terrific tank could make your trip better.

Buy The Field Trip Tank HERE

9. Psychadelic Radiation

Many ravers would be down to experience this form of radiation, or at least I know I would. The name is about as cool as this shirt is from Psychadelic Pourhouse

Get your Psychadelic Radiation HERE

10. Adventure Time

Sometimes the best part of an adventure is not the end goal but the journey itself. A nice bicycle ride into a galactic abyss sounds like one hell of an adventure. 

Buy Adventure Time HERE

Are you tired of wearing the same old mask? Get new iEDM mask inspirations HERE!

Imagine Music Festival brings more killer artissts to the lineup HERE

| September 04, 2021

about the writer

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Read More...Danny is a Georgia based writer who is constantly on the road. While most of his escapades are music festival related, he does partake in other activities like concerts, going to the beach, or just simply hanging out. His day is not complete if he doesn’t hear music.

His first music festival was Counterpoint 2014 and he hasn’t looked back since. He prefers diverse music festival lineups. With a compiling keychain of festival wristbands, he experiences at least one new music festival a year. His nomadic ways have brought him many friends and opportunities along his journey.

He has become a sponge in the EDM community and favors artist like Zeds Dead, Rufus du Soul, and Excision. Always willing to hear new music!

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