10 Matching Designs For Your Rave Bae This Valentine's Day

| February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and while a dozen red roses or chocolates might be a traditional gift, ravers like to fly in the face of tradition. Instead of giving your rave bae flowers or sweets, give them something that the both of you can use.

Matching rave gear is the gift that keeps on giving and iEDM has assembled 10 of our favorite couples pieces for this upcoming Valentine's Day.

Mix and match with our wide selection of crop tops, t-shirts, tank tops, weekend shorts, joggers, leggings, hoodies and more. Shop our top ten picks below! 


1. Astronaut Pals



Cute and fun, our Astronaut Pals look has the perfect design for twinning. You can match with your rave bae or your squad with this playful design. You'll be unique at your next show when you roll in together showing off your envy-inducing relationship with your shirts. Check out our wide selection of styles in this design, perfect for squad-gifting



2. Acid Pikachu



A fun and unique throwback to the golden 90's, our Acid Pikachu design brings a different kind of Pikachu to the game. Very trippy and very funny, this design is full of bright colors and comes in a number of bestselling styles. From shorts to tank tops and tees, there is a style for every raver out there, Pokemon lover or not. 



3. Unicorn Spew



Unicorns were the undisputed animal of 2017, keep the trend going with our Unicorn Spew design. Playful and colorful, this design is fun enough to wear to any festival, and will make you and your partner #relationshipgoals. This design is one of our bestsellers and is available in a variety of styles. Check out this awesome design in a sweatshirt, t-shirt, crop top, pullover hoodie and a tank top



4. Attuned 



Our Attuned couples selection features one of our favorite trippy designs. The intricate pattern stretches from top to bottom and moves with you as you dance. This brilliant and beautiful design is filled with a positive rainbow of colors and a number of intricate and highly detailed patterns and lines that will turn the heads of everyone you walk by. This fan-favorite design is available in a variety of styles. Check them out HERE



5. Bass Rainbow



Headbanger couples will delight when they match with our popular and bestselling Bass Rainbow design. This wobbly and wonderfully wubby design features brilliant contrasting colors and a number of styles for you and bae to choose from. Match with a crop top, sweatshirt or a bandana. Twin with our favorite bass style, break a rail or two, or headbang with the one who will break their neck with you. Either way, couples who rave together, stay together. 



6. Galactic Valley



Easily one of our most galactic pieces and a testament to the beauty of Mother Nature, the Galactic Valley design has a stunning color palette with brilliant purples, blues, pinks and whites combining together into a celestial night sky. Bring the good vibes and adorable couples goals this festival season with a cute couples pairing to keep both of you adorable on and off festival grounds.



7. Space Pickle Rick



Rick and Morty have taken both the pop culture and the EDM worlds by storm with the weird and slightly creepy humor that fills the cartoon. Rick and Morty is one of the most popular themes for festival totems, posters, signs and flags, and what better way to show off your weekly binge than twinning with Pickle Rick designs? This design is instantly recognizable and as a bonus, features a pretty galaxy background. 



8. Dazzling Dimensions 



If you're looking for a cute pairing that is vibey, spacey and unique, look no further than our Dazzling Dimensions design. True to their name, this brilliant design is an eye-catcher with their soft hued colors and galactic design. Perfect for any nighttime fests or events, you and bae will dazzle anywhere you go. You can wear this design to any show and be the talk of the evening. 



9. Upside Down



Upside Down, whimsical and perfect for cat-obsessed couples, this design is ideal for that couple you know who can't stop talking about Whiskers, Fluffy and Paws. The design and colors of this cute and quirky design are ideal for festival season. Between the neon colors, puzzled cat and curious design, there is something about this design that you can't help but love. The rest of our Cat Shop features more of your favorite furry friends! 



10. Pizza



Everyone loves pizza and one of the best ways to show someone you care is to share the last slice. For every pizza obsessed couple out there, we have the perfect tribute to your favorite food with our Pizza design. A classic slice of pepperoni and cheese, this design will both sate and stoke your hunger. Still got the munchies? Check out the rest of our delicious Pizza Collection for more yummy matching possibilities. 


Didn't find the perfect twinning option for you and your rave bae? No problem, check out the rest of our Couples Collection HERE for all your matching options. 

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