10 Meme-Worthy Tops For April Fools' Day

| March 20, 2022

April Fools' Day is almost here and it's time to flex that smile muscle. There's no better way to display your comedic side than with a meme-worthy top. iEDM's Meme Collection contains tanks, tees, crop tops, and more to make your April Fools' Day as hilarious as possible. Don't skip the chance to show off your funny bone.



Check out iEDM's 10 Meme-Worthy Tops For April Fools' Day below!  



Tacos and Cats Purple Men's Tank

Meme culture wouldn't exist without cats. Those special felines have a direct path to our funny bones. The epic Tacos and Cats Purple Men's Tank is perfect for April Fools' Day. Everything about this one screams meme.


Buy iEDM's Tacos and Cats Purple Men's Tank HERE!



Virtual Reality Crop Top

If you needs an escape from reality, try the Virtual Reality Crop Top. This hilarious print features a faceless hooded character sporting three VR sets. Covered in bright greens and vivid purples, this trippy crop top is an imaginative take on meme culture. 


Buy iEDM's Virtual Reality Crop Top HERE!



Dino Shat T-Shirt

The Dini Shat T-Shirt has all the elements that will have your fellow ravers in stitches. The rainbow colors on this tee are stunning and the exploding dinosaur print is fun. This T-Shirt is a win-win of Jurassic proportions. 


Buy iEDM's Dino Shat Men's T-Shirt HERE!



420 Munchies Cat Crop Top

The amazing 420 Munchies Cat Crop Top hosts everything you need for a funny time. Combining cats, Mexican food and pot leaves, this crop top is the ultimate meme trifecta. This is the key to stealing the show.


Buy iEDM's 420 Munchies Cat Crop Top HERE! 



Hipster Alien Tank

The Hipster Alien Tank out-of-this-world tank is soft and fits just right. It features an alien that looks like he got all of his style from a cliché hipster handbook. Don't get caught without this one on April Fools' Day.


Buy iEDM's Hipster Alien Tank HERE!



Catstronaut Drop Cut T-Shirt

If you're a cat lover, try the sick Catstronaut Drop-Cut T-Shirt. This print has an intense astro-kitty covered with hilarious pins ready to tackle flight in space. You'll definitely want to get your paws on this unisex tee.


Buy iEDM's Catstronaut Drop Cut Unisex T-Shirt HERE!



Trippy Felix Men's T-Shirt

Felix The Cat was one of the coolest cats of the past and now you can rock a print with the classic character. The Trippy Felix T-Shirt features the fun critter over a plume of multicolored smoke. There are almost too many ways to caption this iconic T-Shirt. 


Buy iEDM's Trippy Felix Men's T-Shirt HERE!



Gotta Smoke Em All Drop Cut T-Shirt

If you're looking for a standout item that fits the April Fools' bill, try the Gotta Smoke Em All Drop Cut T-Shirt. This unisex T-Shirt hosts Pikachu, his hazy-eyed Pokémon pals, and well, lots of bud. This is the one, my friends.


Buy iEDM's Gotta Smoke Em All Drop Cut Unisex T-Shirt HERE!



Oscar The Nug Men's T-Shirt

Let's be real, we're all suckers for Seasame Street. Rock the Oscar The Nug Men's T-Shirt and its stunning green, pink and blue colorway. The name alone grants its meme status.


Buy iEDM's Oscar The Nug Men's T-Shirt HERE!



Kitten Tie-Dye Tank

If you want a guaranteed talking piece, look no further. The Kitten Tie-Dye Tank features a cocky kitty with hater blockers. Colored with a gorgeous swirl of rainbow tie-dye, this kitten tank is purrfect. 


Buy iEDM's Kitten Tie-Dye Tank HERE!



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For more April Fool's Day looks, check out iEDM's entire Meme Collection HERE!

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