10 Must-Have Adult Onesies

| November 21, 2021

Oh, Onesies. When I was just a little baby you kept me warm and snug through long winter’s naps. Though time has passed us by, we have met again in the form of rave apparel. It seems like an unlikely pairing at first sight, but the judgement free zone of a rave is actually the perfect place to make a onesie a new rave fashion statement. 

Since the originals that we wore in our youth are far too small nowadays, allow us here at iEDM to guide you through the wacky world of grown up onesies. Check out our 10 favorite adult onesies below.



Holographic Hexagon Onesie

Light up your life with the Holographic Hexagon Onesie. This mesmerizing, reflective all-over print will have you shining bright amongst your fellow ravers. Best of all, it has not one but two front pockets to keep your hands warm or your phone close. 

Buy your Holographic Hexagon Onesie HERE.  



Weed Onesie


Do you live everyday like it's 4/20? Then this onesie is for you! Detailed with red, green, and blue marijuana leaves, this onesie is all you need to show your penchant for smoking and toking. Whether you're lounging on the couch or riding the rail at a festival, this onesie will signify that you are high on life. 

Get your Weed Onesie HERE



Nuclear Melt Tie-Dye Onesie

Tie-dye is a tried and true favorite that never goes out of style. Take it to the next level with the Nuclear Melt Tie-Dye Onesie. With this onesie, you'll be a walking rainbow with vibrant blues, greens, yellows, and pinks splayed across your body. Add the perfect pop of color to your wardrobe with this statement piece. 

Find your Nuclear Melt Tie-Dye Onesie HERE



Merkabah Tundra Onesie

Mystify your fellow ravers with the Merkabah Tundra Onesie. Embellished with a dazzling blue and purple all-over print, this onesie will easily get you noticed. Better yet, snag the matching Merkabah Tundra Plush Blanket if you're looking to get real cozy this winter. 

Buy your Merkabah Tundra Onesie HERE



USA Flag Onesie

Represent the USA in this patriotic pick! It doesn't need to be the 4th of July to show that you love this country. Let your stars and stripes shine bright and zip all the way up into a comfortable flag. 

Show your patriotic side in this USA Flag Onesie HERE. 



Oil Spill Rave Camo Onesie

You're sure to be spotted if you're wearing The Oil Spill Rave Camo Onesie. Camo fans will instantly fall in love with this imaginative play on the classic print. This silky smooth black, white, and aqua design will move beautifully across the dance floor.  

Find your Oil Spill Rave Camo Onesie HERE



Cosmic Swirl Onesie 

Get ready to become your very own pour painting with the Cosmic Swirl Onesie. If you're a fan of the TikTok trend, then this onesie is calling your name. This head-turner features every color of the rainbow in a mesmerizing pattern. Show your artistic side with this onesie. 

Buy your Cosmic Swirl Onesie HERE



Dream Waves Onesie

Why be a Guardian of the Galaxy when you could just be the galaxy? The Dream Waves Onesie makes such a feat possible. With all the cool cosmic colors of endless space blending together. Go the extra mile and snag the matching Dream Waves Face Mask to complete this head-to-toe look. 

Purchase your Dream Waves Onesie HERE



Splatter Alien Onesie 

This Splatter Alien Onesie is one of our newest designs and it's perfect for an extraterrestrial themed party or if you and crew decide to have a space babe themed night at Countdown NYE. Can you imagine how cool this would look under black lights? 

Buy your Splatter Alien Onesie HERE



Suger Skull Onesie

This Suger Skull Onesie is our most popular style. It's a trippy spin on the traditional sugar skull style and would be the perfect rave outfit for Dia De Los Muertes and Cinco De Mayo, not to mention, every single festival you plan to attend this year. Say hello to your new favorite outfit pick. 

Grab your Suger Skull Onesie HERE



Onesies are always in style for their comfort, durability and easy outfit choice. All you have to do is zip up into comfort. Browse our full collection of Onesies HERE! 


Looking for a full head-to-toe look? Find matching styles in our Face Mask Collection HERE!

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