10 Must-Have Art Inspired Hoodies

| October 19, 2017

Now that sweater weather is officially here (let's be honest, it's just not summer anymore), ravers can start tweaking their festival season wardrobe to accommodate the cooler climate.

iEDM has a huge selection of hoodies in a variety of designs and styles, and they are all sure to please. One of our favorite collections is our Artsy Collection. Filled with art-inspired pieces, we chose our ten favorite hoodies that will keep you warm and in-style as the weather gets colder. 


1. Haunting My Dreams Pullover Hoodie

One of our all-time bestselling designs, the Haunting My Dreams Hoodie brings an abstract rendition of the beloved Pokemon anime combined with a unique monochromatic scheme that makes this hoodie stand out from the rest. A little spooky and perfect for your upcoming Halloween festivals, this hoodie can be worn throughout the cooler months and those breezy summer nights! 



2. Reflection Hoodie

Our Reflection Hoodie has a beautiful and serene design with the silhouette of a person contemplating a multi-colored starry sky. Between the soft hues and the space vibes, this hoodie is definitely a must-have for your festival collection. This hoodie is sure to get you compliments at your next festival and will be a great conversation starter whenever you wear it. 



3. Space Birds Hoodie

Artsy and abstract, the Space Birds Hoodie features space-design inspired birds on a white background that gradually morphs into a dark galactic background. One of our newest arrivals in our Animal Kingdom Collection, this hoodie is sure to please. This unique design is also available in a regular shirt, tank top and a hooded shirt



4. Metatronic Hoodie 

Our Metatronic Hoodie combines a simple color scheme of black, white and gray with an artsy sacred geometry design that makes this hoodie an eye-catcher. Intricate and complex, the many lines and designs on this hoodie makes it one of our favorite hoodie designs and one of the bestsellers in our Mandala Collection



5. Wicked Dreams Hoodie 

Similar to our Haunting My Dreams design, the Wicked Dreams Hoodie features a monochromatic color scheme with a Cubone contemplating the full moon while hordes of ghost Pokemon (presumably Gastly and Haunter) shadow the edge of the moon. This hoodie is artsy, thoughtful and unique, is one of our favorites in our TV & Movies Collection and a sure win for your next festival. 



6. Mindful Space Hoodie

The Mindful Space Hoodie features a conflagration of brilliant colors in one of our most colorful space designs. This uniquely colorful hoodie features faraway planets on the edges of the hoodie and a brilliant cloud-like nebula of colors in the center of the hoodie. This bright addition to your rave wardrobe will make you stand out in a crowd and keep you as warm as the colors on the hoodie. 



7. Mona Lisa Hoodie

One of the world's most famous art pieces is now available in a rave hoodie. Mona Lisa gets a gangster vibe going with a black and white bandanna concealing her infamous smile and her demurely crossed hands holding her weapon. This hoodie takes Renaissance art and gives it a modern spin. Wear this artsy hoodie for your next show and give your fellow festival goers a reason to envy you. 



8. Back Alley Hoodie

Graffiti art is quickly rising through the ranks of the art world and our Back Alley Hoodie is reminiscent of spray-paint graffiti art that is so popular in cities. The abstract face is artsy in its own way and is the newest addition to our Higher Consciousness Collection. Behind the face are grayish alley walls tagged with colorful graffiti art that make this hoodie a talking point. 



9. Store Hoodie

One of our favorite pieces from the brilliant Crystals and Gems Collection, this Store Hoodie is reminiscent of the bright colors and shiny stylings of gems. The top of the hoodie is simple pitch black while the bottom of the hoodie is filled with the bright colors and patterns that remind us of colorful gems. This color-blocked hoodie is at once simple and complex and will be a great addition to your rave wardrobe. 



10. Stained Glass Hoodie

This colorful and enchanting hoodie is aptly named for its design that reminds us of Gothic stained glass. The combination of brilliant colors, small intricate patterns and fun fractal designs make this cool and Stained Glass Hoodie is a great addition to your winter wardrobe. While this hoodie is colorful enough for a rave, it is also simple enough to be worn beyond festival grounds and will be a staple in your wardrobe both in and out of festival season. 


Check out the rest of our Artsy Collection HERE and make sure you're dressed to impress for the rest of the season! 

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