10 Must-Have Crop Tops for EDC

| May 01, 2017

It is officially May which means it's (basically) summer! And summer means that school is out, the sun is out, and it's time to kick back and have fun.

We at iEDM love summer too, and not just because summer is synonymous with festival season (although let's be real, that's a huge part of the reason why).

EDC and Electric Forest are both next month, which means it's time to start planning those outfits now! 

With the warmer weather and festivals galore, our new favorite summer staple is the crop top. They're cute, flirty and look great on everyone, and we got a bunch of new designs in, just for the summer. Scroll on to check out our new crop of crop tops! 


1. Water Colors Crop Top

The Water Colors Crop Top utilizes a warm summer palette of watercolors to give this crop top an artsy and dreamy feel. The blend of reds, oranges, yellows, greens and purples are reminiscent of summer flowers, and the growth and warmth that we all associate with the summer months. With the mandala-esque design in the middle and the blotted watercolors on this crop is everything that we love about summer. 



2. Reflection Crop Top

Our Reflection Crop Top is one of our favorite and newest designs. Featuring an artistic silhouette of a person against a rainbow star-sprinkled sky, the feel of the crop definitely lives up to its name. Serene, peaceful and dreamy, this crop top is perfect for dancing all night in the warm summer breeze or lounging on the grass with your favorite book. 



3. Mandala Splotches Crop Top

Our Mandala Splotches Crop Top is a bright turquoise color that reminds us of summers spent lakeside with a cold drink under the hot sun. The mandala design is thoughtful and intricate, standing out against the sea-green background with a thin white outline. This top could be rocked anywhere, from EDC weekend at the Las Vegas Motorspeedway to summer brunch on your patio. 



4. Interstellar Connection Crop Top

The sun isn't the only design you can wear during the summer. iEDM is famous for our bestselling space designs and the Interstellar Connection Crop Top is the newest addition to the space family. Featuring swirling nebulae and galactic patterns, the Interstellar Connection Crop Top is sure to please. 



5. Setting Sun Crop Top

The Setting Sun Crop Top takes us back to days spent on the beach basking in the sun. The vivid sunset on this crop top utilizes a warm summery color palette that will turn heads wherever you go. The silhouette of palm trees and beach scenes on this crop will make you start to pack your beach bag. 



6. Owl Medicine Crop Top

Not every crop top will have bright summer colors, but that doesn't mean they aren't all perfect for fun in the sun. The Owl Medicine Crop Top utilizes simple earthy colors coupled with an intricate geometric design that will entrance you for hours. You'll fit right in at any festival or summer barbecue with this unique crop. 



7. Fractal Flag Crop Top

One of the big events of the summer is the Fourth of July, where we celebrate our country's independence with fireworks, barbecues and maybe a drink here and there. What better way to wear your patriotism than with the Fractal Flag Crop Top? It rocks the stars and bars but with a subtle stripe pattern superimposed over the red and white stripes. 



8. Flutterby Crop Top

There is no better way to say summer than with butterflies. The Flutterby Crop Top features artistic black and white flowers with brilliantly colored butterflies on top. The colorful butterflies practically jump off the black and white background and set the mood for a bright and cheery summer. 



9. Attuned Crop Top

The Attuned Crop Top has mystical mandala designs coupled with an intricate geometric pattern over a bright and colorful background. The combination of colors and the intricate patterns make this crop top one of our most stunning. While not as classically summery as our new summer arrivals, the Attuned Crop Top certainly has a place in your summer wardrobe. 



10. Mod Crop Top

The Mod Crop Top is a retro throwback with a neat modern twist. The design and sunglasses are a fun reminder of mod times, but when you look closer you see how this art is designed on a brick wall, a modern artistic spin. Our Mod Crop Top is perfect when you want to stand out in a crowd, with bright colors, it's unique design and sweet fit, this top will be your new summer staple. 


Didn't see a crop top you loved? Don't worry, we have many more designs for you to choose from. But if crop tops aren't your style, many of our new shirts and tank tops feature similar designs but in different styles. Check out our specially curated EDC Collection HERE for more styles perfect for under the electric sky!

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