10 Must-Have Floral Prints For Summer 2018

| May 23, 2018

Coachella is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock the floral trend! Since Paradiso, Above and Beyond’s Anjunabeach, Bonnaroo, and many festivals in between, we want you to look your best for the summer and our NEW Floral Collection is here to help!

If you’re a flower child through and through, here are our top 10 floral picks for the summer season! If you’re like me and you want to be able to incorporate your rave wardrobe into your everyday outfits, the new iEDM Floral Collection is perfect for you.

Here are our top floral picks for Summer 2018.


1.  Neverland Men's T-Shirt

Our Neverland shirt is perfect for all the lost boys looking to escape from everyday life at festivals. The colors aren't super loud, but this floral design is great for that extra pop of color. I'm looking at you SoCal boys. Baby steps, baby steps.



2. Haze Crop Top

This flirty top is honestly great for any summer event! You can wear this at Outsidelands, All My Friends, or a low-key bbq kickback. Pair it with some high waisted shorts and you are ready for anything! 



3. Noel Men's T-Shirt 

For those a little more comfortable with color and is even willing to venture a little further down the gray scale, the little splashes of red compliments the beige tones perfectly while keeping the colors more muted.



4. Botanique Crop Top

The dark green and pink color scheme is one of my personal favorites. It adds this strong but subtle emphasis on the flowers blooming throughout the top.



5. Floral Skull Men's Tank

This print is the epitome of floral design. You've got the classic skull with flower crown, what better way to remind us that every ending means a new beginning?



6. Gables Men's Tank

If Neptune and Demeter dropped a collab, it would be this and it would be pretty cool. It'll be hard to lose your friend in the crowd if they're wearing this vibrant floral pattern! 



7. Lennon Crop Top

Gable's less dramatic sister, our Lennon crop top is here to make sure you can party just as hard while still looking chic and feminine.



8. Pink Floral Men's T-Shirt 

Roses and rosy tones will look good on anyone! The watercolor print on this tee paired with the curve background is so soothing. Spring is here, let's embrace it in the best ways possible! 



9. Habits Crop Top

Nothing like a bouquet to catch everyone's eye. This top is sweet but still dark enough for those who want a stormier palette. You can follow one color scheme or play it up with a brighter piece. The top will carry your summer outfit regardless.



10. South Beach Men's Tank

This is definitely one of my favorite tanks. The colors are so electric and lively, but keeps its moodier touch. Does this remind anyone else of the flower garden in Alice in Wonderland?


Floral patterns are great for any occasion. If you haven't found your perfect pattern then be sure to check out the full summer collection. Summer is almost here, so let your wardrobe BLOOM with the iEDM Floral Collection HERE

Stay up to date with more Festival Fashion HERE.





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