10 Must Have Hoodies For Fall 2020

| August 28, 2018

Hoodie weather is on it's way and iEDM has the best selection of hoodies for Fall 2020. Even though we still have a few weeks left of this blazing hot weather, it's time to get ready for hoodie season. 

Whether you want to rock your favorite toons, wear some electric waves, or get lost in your favorite galaxy, iEDM has all the fashion hoodies for the upcoming weather.

Check out our whole hoodie selection but first, take a look at iEDM's top ten hoodies for this fall.




10. Electric Wave Hoodie


Don't just feel the waves, wear the waves. This electric wave hoodie will not only keep you warm .but you will also feel electric vibes.




9. Chill Hoodie 


Must be that time of the day, so grab your hoodie and get ready for some chill time. Check out the rest of our 420 Collection HERE if you are a toker. 




8. Fear and Loathing Hoodie


"Buy the ticket, take the ride...and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well...maybe chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten." Hunter S. Thompson knew best. 



7. Felix The Cat Hoodie


A cartoon character from the silent-film era becomes one of a kind hoodie with radiant colors. A new era of hoodies has arrived! 



6. Neon Galaxy Hoodie


Show up. Stand out. This neon galaxy hoodie will keep you warm in style. Don't get lost in space, but still keep it trippy. 



5. Split Hoodie


You are different from the rest. A hoodie with two shades of blue will keep you alarm and ready for a good time at your next festival.



4. Supp Succulent Hoodie


The alignment of this design will complete your vision. A new favorite hoodie that has the colors you're looking for.



3. Entity Hoodie


Is this hoodie even real? How is this hoodie possible? What is black and white? stay warm while you answer all these questions. Check out more Sacred Geometry styles HERE



2.  Stoned Toons Hoodie



Nothing better than some old school toons right? Well, this fall you're in for a treat as you wear your favorite throw back toons Carebears to your current favorites Adventure Time. 



1. Blue Galaxy Hoodie 


Stay warm with this inter-dimensional hoodie and get ready to get on a trip that will take you out of this world. This hoodie is an iEDM favorite topping the ranks once again. 




Have no fear that Fall is almost here. Hoodie season is our favorite season. Check out iEDM's HOODIE SELECTION HERE for favorite all-over print styles that are made in the U.S. 


Stay up to date with the latest EDM & FESTIVALS HERE.

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Cris Chavez

Cris Chavez

Read More...Cris Chavez's first festival was EDC Las Vegas 2013 and since then, he been passionate about the music and scene. He is a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma who enjoys running half marathons and traveling.

His favorite artists are Kaskade, Above & Beyond, The Martinez Brothers, Gorgon City, Bryan Kearney, Seven Lions and Grum.

His favorite festivals are Middlelands, EDC, Ultra and Dancefestopia.

Find him at a festival near you grooving the night away and getting lost in a Kaskade set!

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