10 Must-Have Men's Hoodies

| September 10, 2017

After a hot and rainy summer, autumn nights are finally here blessing us with breezy cool weather. School is back in session which means everyone is looking their best, so it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe for the fall season.

Fall season means hoodie season, and with iEDM’s new selection of hoodies, we couldn’t be more excited.

Moving into the cooler season is favorable for festival weather because let’s face it, it’s much easier to throw on a hoodie than to have to go hide from the sun and miss your favorite sets.

It’s time to retire those basic hoodies and upgrade your style colorful, trippy, and high-definition designs. So say no to basic hoodies and step your fall fashion up with these 10 must-have hoodies:


1. Esoteric Hoodie

Sacred Geometry has many meanings. It’s infinite and represents the flower of life. It is aesthetically pleasing in art prints and designs. It can represent your zen side. Whatever it means to you, it is a striking style that is detailed but also simple. Check out more from the Sacred Geometry Collection HERE




2. Wild Einstein Hoodie

Einstein developed quantum theory, so there is no denying he was a pretty rad guys. The Wild Albert Einstein Hoodie is going to make people laugh. It’s a statement hoodie that will show off your silly side, but also love for science. And rave bootys. E=MC2, bro.




3. Celestial Fingerprint Hoodie

The Celestial Fingerprint Hoodie is an artistic design of the wonders of space. It is a representation of infinite. The two contrasting galactic images give a feeling of wonder. Space vibes are colorful and cool, and perfect from campus to a festival.




4. Joker Hoodie

With a new Joker movie in the works, this design is perfect for you Batman lovers and movie buffs. This trippy design features the Joker’s face in an up close and creepy style that is also perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. And when you catch people staring, you can have some fun and say “Why so serious?”





5. Space Birds Hoodie

“Thought is a bird of space, that in a cage of words, may indeed unfold its wings, but cannot fly.” -Kahlil Gibrams This quote is a deep thought that can play off this artistic designs of space birds flying away. It is beautiful and trippy, and will become your favorite hoodie.





6. Haunted My Dreams

Watch out Cubone, there’s Gastly creeping in the corner. This Haunting My Dreams Hoodie is a best-seller from the iEDM Pokemon Collection. Pokemon buffs, rejoice. This hoodie says face your fears in a fun way with our favorite characters.





7. Blue Galaxy Hoodie

The Blue Galaxy Hoodie is one of our best selling designs and it’s because the high-def celestial design looks so vibrant, you can see galaxy light years away. The colors are so radiant that you will get compliments everywhere you go. If blue is your favorite color, this hoodie is definitely for you. If not, check out the Space Vibes Collection HERE for more out of this world designs.




8. Shine Bright Hoodie

Hey gem lovers, it’s time to add this shiny crystal hoodie to your heady rock collection. Show your love for crystals with the Shine Bright Hoodie. It is just one vibrant design in the mesmerizing iEDM Crystal Collection. Time to gear up for your next gem show.




9. Pizza Taco Cat Hoodie

Nom Nom Nom. This Pizza Taco Cat Hoodies screams munchies. But if pizza and tacos aren’t your thing, have no fear because iEDM has a Munchies Collection HERE so you can pick your favorite snack.




10. Attuned Hoodie

Align your chakras while aligning your style. This is the perfect hoodie for that cold yoga room, or your next rave. The colors are vibrant just like you. Tune into your spiritual side with the Attuned Hoodie, and check out the iEDM Sacred Geometry Collection HERE for other sacred styles.


The fall season is near, so gear up with new one of a king and vibrant sublimation printed designs that won’t fade after washing. Check out all the sublimation printed hoodies HERE at iEDM to find your new favorite hoodie.

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Lacy Bursick

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