10 Must-Have Rave Eyewear For 2020

| January 24, 2019

If you missed out in 2019 on the goggle train, here’s your chance to hop on and capitalize on rave eyewear for the upcoming 2020 festival season ahead. 

Guys: ditch the free sunglasses some random street team member handed you and upgrade with a pair of statement glasses that will elevate you from the moshing frat dude to a semi-classy raver.

Ladies: statement necklaces are out and statement eyewear is in. Your festival outfit will thank you for picking up a great pair of glasses.



10. Heart Effect Ultimate Kaleidoscope Glasses - Black

 The perfect pair of glasses to wear while going goo-goo for your favorite DJ. Seeing stars or seeing hearts? Stare into the lights and add a love effect to your vision. These add a fun twist to the usual diffraction style we love. 

See the hearts and feel love with these Heart Effect Ultimate Kaleidoscopes HERE. 


9. Black Spike Diffraction Goggles

Still not over your My Chemical Romance scene days? Or maybe just really into your all-black wardrobe. This is your go-to edgy statement piece. These are perfect for all you steampunk lovers. These edgy goggles are sure to turn heads at events like Burning Man

Grab your Black Spike Diffraction Goggles HERE




8. Black Kaleidoscope Rainbow Wormhole Glasses

Trippy is an understatement in these prismatic lenses. The glossy black coating makes for a sophisticated and sleek look that’s guaranteed to compliment any rave outfit. Fall into a psychedelic worm hole and dance the night away. They come in rainbow or bug eye options.

Purchase your Black Worm Hole Glasses HERE



7. Chrome Spike Diffraction Goggles 

So many ways to diffract with this silver pair of goggles. They are great with cool toned shades like purple and of course, sparkles. When you don't want to fall down the rabbit hole of a trippy abyss, they even look great as a cute headband accessory holding back that crazy festival hair. 

Buy your Chrome Spike Goggles HERE


6. Kandi Swirl Kaleidoscope Goggles

These fun goggle are a must-have addition to any kandi kids collection. Rock this eclectic rainbow pattern and colorful swirls to match. Wear the rainbow, be the rainbow and fall down the rainbow with these trippy goggles. 

Get your Rainbow Swirl Goggles HERE




5. Heart Shaped Kaleidoscope Glasses

Doll up for the rave pin-up style with some heart shaped eyewear. Perfect with a bold lip and a sleek hairstyle. These goggles are adorable and will make your rave outfit complete. 

See the love and get your Heart Shaped Kaleidoscopes HERE




4. Chrome Aviator Style Glasses

Switch out your classic aviators for a fractal rave-ready upgrade. Don’t miss out on this exclusive by GloFX. You have to have the right shaped face to rock these bad boys and if you do, then be ready to have everyone jealous. 

Upgrade your shades to some Aviator Kaleidoscopes HERE




3. Luminescence Sunglasses

Your festival outfit is about to have a glow-up with these neon baddies. Shine bright and choose your favorite color. They come in purple, pink, blue, yellow, and more so the whole squad can be matching. Don't forget extra batteries so you can rave all weekend long! 

Purchase your Luminescence Sunglasses HERE




2. Clear Kaleidoscope Glasses - Sacred

See the world through a geometric filter in these lightweight, versatile yet fun glasses. Wear with a simple outfit for a playful look. This versatile look can match any outfit color as the perfect addition to your rave wardrobe.

Get your Clear Kaleidoscopes HERE




1. Pixel Pro LED Goggles

Melt your face off with these ultra customizable pair of goggles. Invest in a high quality piece with a timeless look guaranteed to boggle minds at every show you wear them to. 

Buy your Pixel Pro LEDS HERE.



Hot lineups are dropping left and right. As you plan your rave outfits, don't forget to accessorize with some new Rave Eyewear HERE


Get inspired and check out iEDM’s New Arrivals Collection HERE.



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