10 Must-Have Women's Fanny Packs

| November 18, 2021

Keep your essentials safe while you dance and banish the fear of losing what's important. Small pockets (if your outfit even has pockets) can be unreliable during a lively rave.

The longing for a functional but chic fanny pack ends here. With features like a BPA free flask and hidden Velcro compartment, you can stay hydrated without carrying a hydration backpack. Check out our 10 favorite fanny packs below!


Cotton Candy Flask Fanny Pack

Cotton candy sky lovers that enjoy chasing butterflies, this one is for you. This adjustable hydration fanny pack is game-changing with a signature butterfly mouthpiece for ease of access. Take this fanny pack to amusement parks, hikes, or the beach! 

Plurmaid Flask Fanny Pack

Do you adore sirens? Enchant your outfit with this mermaid-inspired accessory. Give your family mermaid the gift of hydration this year for every beach and pool they come across. 

Black Tar Flask Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is similar to those listed above but for those who can't live life without the color black. Perfectly pairing with more than one outfit, it is suited for any aesthetic, which allows you to experiment with all the ways you can wear this accessory. The trio of butterfly fanny packs would make a coordinating accessory for matching twin and triplet outfits. 

Charcoal Glitter Fanny Pack

Glitter lovers, ring in the new year at your New Year's Eve event with this festive accessory. This fanny pack does not include a flask, but it does include a durable zipper with multiple storage pockets. Satisfy your craving for sparkle and wear this essential in more ways than one: across your chest/shoulder, around your waist hips/waist, in whatever way you discover! 

Decadence Fanny Pack

Here is another festive fanny pack for your New Year's Eve celebration. This essential emulates the galaxy's beauty with its striking use of contrasting colors: black, purple, pink, and blue. Gender-neutral and a fan-favorite! 

Rave Drip Fanny Pack

This is ideal for venue guidelines that only allow clear or transparent fanny packs. Or, if you can't decide if you want a purple, green, or blue fanny pack, you can live in a world with all three. This fanny pack is water-resistant and waiting to be worn by you at the next festival! 

Pink Cotton Candy Fanny Pack

Create an ethereal holographic pink moment with this essential. This is my personal favorite and would gift this fanny pack to all of my pink-lovers out there! Classic holographic finish, durable zipper, multiple storage pockets, you can't go wrong with this essential. 

Holographic Ripples Fanny Pack

Do you favor purple over pink? Check out this violet vibe of a fanny pack. If you're looking for a color-shifting addition to your closet, this is the eye-catching accessory you need!

PLUR Life Fanny Pack

Show your pride with this coordinating fanny pack. This fanny pack is durable for everyday use and can be used in lieu of a purse, bag, or wallet. Get creative and use this fanny pack anywhere or how you would like! 

Kaleidoscope Fanny Pack

A pattern-lover's reflective dream has come true with this optical find. This essential pairs with any outfit due to its versatile holographic finish. Also, it's lightweight to wear while shuffling or practicing flow arts. 


If you're looking for a new rave pack, check out our hydration packs HERE.


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