10 Must-See Artists at Gem and Jam Festival 2023

| January 27, 2023

The 15th annual Gem and Jam Festival returns to Tucson, Arizona February 3-5, 2023! Celebrating experimental art and genre-blending soundscapes, Gem and Jam Festival presents out of the ordinary lineups every year incorporating instrumentalists excelling not only with pianos and guitars, but also involving subgenres funk, jam, bass, house, and more to allow artists a sanctuary for no creative boundaries. Exploring many corners of music, prepare your schedule for these die-hard performances you'll experience in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. 


Check out iEDM's 10 Must-See Artists at Gem and Jam Festival 2023 below.




EAZYBAKED, the DJ/producers behind the grassroots electronic scene can make any dance floor bust moves to the sonic wavelength of tantalizing bass. The group, Eric Ray and Andrew Principe, met 15 years ago as childhood friends. During their last year of high school, the two began making beats together daily under the stage names 'EAZY’ and ‘Mr. Baked’. Then, the birth of EAZYBAKED occurred. EAZYBAKED has become a household name across the nationwide Bass scene. With performances at Red Rocks, EDC Orlando, Okeechobee Music Festival, and now this year's Gem and Jam Festival, you can find them front and center at The Onyx Stage on Day 3!



Marvel Years

Cory Wythe, better known as Marvel Years, began the Marvel Years project over a decade ago infiltrating the electronic soul scene. He’s performed numerous times in support of artists including Pretty Lights, STS9 and ZHU. Since he was 10 years old, the guitar has been a "source of respite, joy, excitement, and insight". Since then, he has also performed at major festivals like Camp Bisco, Hulaween, and Electric Forest. Prepare for his expertise with the electronic guitar taking place at The Emerald Stage on Day 2! 




"To be SoDown is to seize every opportunity, explore new grounds, try new things and ultimately live the most epic life possible. This universe is far too beautiful and life is simply too short to not do what makes you happy. Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the world and Bass Music is my way of expressing it." Ehren River Wright, aka SoDown, is tattooing his own signature on the world of dance music as a saxophone playing producer exposing many electronic sub-genres. SoDown creates his own atmosphere in his own 'GetDown Key', his personal genre atlas which falls into three separate categories: SoHeavy, SoGroovy, and SoChill. SoDown has performed at Red Rocks, Coachella, Electric Forest, Global Dance, Sonic Bloom, and more. You can experience the art of SoDown at The Emerald Stage on Day 2!




Douglas Appling, more commonly known as Emancipator, has established himself in the electronic music scene since 2006 with the release of his debut album, Soon It Will Be Cold. Classically-trained as a violinist, his approach to electronic music production shows influences from a wide range of international cultures and musical genres. Making global consciousness known, you can find him at The Emerald Stage on Day 1!



The Floozies

Born in funk are The Floozies that emerged onto the scene when their sound was needed the most. Brothers Matt and Mark Hill share the stage and production process to share the magic of funk. Performing without a setlist, Matt’s guitar pairs eccentrically with Mark's beats. You have to see and hear it in order to believe it, catch their performance at The Onyx Stage on Day 1!



The Funk Hunters

The Funk Hunters have cultivated their signature sound with the influences from old school funk, soul and hip-hop. Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith create their own sonic vibe; Middleton produced, co-wrote, and mixed their debut album, TYPECAST while Smith anchors the project’s live show making an unstoppable duo. With over 20 million track streams across their original productions, remixes and collaborations as well as winners of the Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards, their impact on electronic music is highly acclaimed. See The Funk Hunters in action at The Onyx Stage on Day 1!




Paul Conversano, aka Ravenscoon, is an electronic music producer and DJ from San Francisco, California, creating a fusion of death metal, hip-hop, and punk rock with experimental bass music. Taking influences from his southern roots in Atlanta, Georgia, he is known for his dream-like bass lines and psychedelic arpeggios. Leaving no genre untouched, dubstep, trance, rap, trap, drum & bass, halftime, psytrance, and more allow him to present a live performance like none other. Catch Ravenscoon in the flesh at The Onyx Stage on Day 1! 



Haywyre, a Grammy nominated artist, fuses his performances with both piano and electronic music. His LP, Two Fold, Pt. 1 received viral recognition in 2014, which lead to the increased popularity Haywyre received after releasing Two Fold, Pt. 2. Gaining support from Mat Zo, GRiZ, Zedd, and more, this is only the beginning for this note-worthy artist. Catch him spread the love from his piano at The Emerald Stage on Day 2! 




Dirtwire, widely known for combining Earth-borne instruments and electronic sounds. Every live set includes live instruments and electronic music that can be identified as Future revival, swamptronica, spaghetti-step, or electro-twang. Indigenous performers have also joined Dirtwire on stage in the past such as last year's Gem and Jam Festival, giving audiences a long-lasting and impactful impression. As always, Dirtwire welcomes you to dance like a lizard dances in the desert.



Ayla Nereo

Ayla Nereo is a self-proclaimed "creature of the forests and rivers, a dancer between the timeless and modern, a musician and poet weaving forth a magical and emotional world of sonic beauty". Focused on bringing lyrical meditations, riddles of language dance incorporating both song and story in disco ballads and ethereal mantras. Ayla's songs are sonic altars to honor the beauty of the human experience. She invites us "deeper into the exquisite and innately psychedelic dream of this moment". You can find her creating celtic melodies at The Emerald Stage on Day 3!



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