10 Must-See Artists at Moonrise

| July 24, 2017

Moonrise Festival is only a few weeks away and the hype surrounding the Maryland festival is reaching a fever pitch. Even though it is one of the younger festivals on the circuit, Moonrise has quickly established itself as an east coast festival to watch. With a three phase hard-hitting lineup that wowed fans from the start, Moonrise 2017 shows huge potential.

There are a plethora of artists on the Moonrise lineup and all the names are enough to make your head spin. If you aren't sure who to see or want to expand your musical horizons, we've curated a list of our top ten sets to not miss.



1. Kaskade

Coming off of his massively successful Sun Soaked show in California, Kaskade's sets are always energetic and exciting to be at. Whether he's tearing up the Kalliope Art Car at EDC or roving around the US on his Spring Fling Tour, Kaskade is always a set to catch. A staple in the EDM community and a revolutionary figure in the industry, Kaskade's sets are always innovative, creative and will have you dancing all night long. 


2. Madeon

Madeon has proved himself to be one of the most versatile and talented producers on the scene. Fully capable of transitioning seamlessly between emotive tracks to wobbly future sounds, Madeon has proved his genre fluidity time and time again. His Saturday set at Moonrise is sure to feature tracks and sounds that appeal to all attendees. 


3. RL Grime

RL Grime has forever changed the trap scene in the United States and remains as one of the most influential members in the scene. RL Grime will soon be embarking on his Nova Tour around the United States and will be dropping new tracks from his aptly named Nova album. It's a sure bet that some of these tracks will see considerable airtime during Moonrise. 


4. Seven Lions

Seven Lions had one of the most popular EDC sets this year, and for good reason. Between the ten minute Insomniac firework show, his combination of transcendent melodies and hard-hitting dubstep, and the phenomenal effects of circuitGROUNDS, it's easy to see why. Seven Lions has created tracks that touch the hearts of listeners and whether he drops heavy dubstep or emotive tracks, his sets are sure to please. 


5. Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead has been generating buzz in the bass scene with their huge Deadbeats Tour that will be kicking off in the United States and features huge names like Ganja White Night, Kayzo, Mija, NGHTMRE and more. Zeds Dead are known for their hard-hitting tracks, huge stage presence and larger than life personalities. Their set will be deep, bassy and sure to please. 



6. Dillstradamus

A fan-favorite project of Flosstradamus and Dillon Francis, the team first made their debut at Holy Ship and has been on and off ever since. However, the duo of Floss and Dillon will be making a reappearance in Baltimore for their highly anticipated Saturday set. Between Dillon's moombahton bangers and Flosstradamus' heavy trap, the set is sure to get any crowd going and will shake Pimlico Race Course. 


7. Excision

Excision is known for many things. His heavy bass bangers are sure to please at any festival, his upcoming Lost Lands Festival features one of the most stacked lineups of 2017, and he has some of the most incredible visual effects during his set. Is it any wonder why his set promises to be one of the biggest and best of Moonrise? Headbangers and bass zombies will be sure have their bass needs sated after Excision shakes the stage at Moonrise. 


8. Ganja White Night

Ganja White Night has been known for their heavy dubstep and bass stylings, and the duo has firmly established themselves as staples of the bass scene. Familiar names at bass heavy events like Camp Bisco and Global Dub Festival, Ganja White Night promises a night of bass, dubstep and hard and fast tracks. Ganja's set will definitely be one of the heavier sets of the weekend, and if you need to let out some headbanging, you know where to go. 


9. Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights will be continuing the Pretty Lights Live show at Moonrise Festival. Pretty Lights Live played at large festivals like Camp Bisco (and it broke my heart that I missed it) and Summer Camp Music Festival. Pretty Lights delivers melodic, and almost hypnotizing tracks, and his set is sure to be a switch up from the other bass-heavy sets that will shake Moonrise.


10. Porter Robinson

When people ask me what it is I love about Porter's music, my response is always the same. His music touches your soul. Whether Porter is playing a live set, a DJ set, or something in between, his sets are always filled with euphoric builds, emotional transcendence and the occasional hard-hitting bass. Porter has one of the most devoted fan bases in EDM and being surrounded by people who love his music so deeply make his set one to see. Between hearing Language played live and hearing thousands of people sing along to every word of Shelter, Porter's set is sure to move you. 


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