10 Must See Sets at Sonic Bloom 2019

| June 18, 2019

It just barely feels like summer is finally approaching here in colorado but with lots of snowmelt we can expect the creek to be flowing strong at the year's Sonic Bloom Festival.

Taking place at a gorgeous setting in Spanish Peaks area of Colorado, Hummingbird Ranch welcomes this 4-day festival back for another highly anticipated year.

During the day, Sonic Bloom features workshops in permaculture, yoga, herbal practices and more. At night, the lights come on and their 3 stages features music featuring national and Colorado favorite talent, paired with dancers and performers.

Walking through the art and installations, it feels like a mini Electric Forest, except more personable and intimate.There are multiple spaces of art galleries and live painting from artists from across the spectrum. It's a full production from an incredible community. 

This year's lineup features incredible headliners: Gramatik and Opiuo, but beyond these two obvious must sees, we wanted to share our list of anticipated sets. Here are iEDM's top 10 must see sets at Sonic Bloom 2019.   


10. The New Observatory 

The New Observatory is a super jam lineup featuring Jason and Michael from EOTO and also String Cheese Incident alongside Jamie from The New Deal. We expect the same creative improvised sounds from EOTO with loops, multi-instrumental and electronic sound.



9. Adam Deitch 

Adam Deitch is the drummer from Lettuce and Break Science, and is always putting a groovy show. Last week, he sat in with Anderson Paak. and his soulful hip-hop style shined. We are excited to see what he's been working on solo. 



8. Steve Darko 

This Dirtybird Player is a Holy Ship! veteran and regular at Dirtybird Campout. His bouncy house music gets the dance floor moving. His funky synths and groovy bass lines fit that Dirtybird sound perfect. If you are a Claude Von Stroke fan, this is not a set to miss. 



7. Prophet Massive 

My first Prophet Massive experience is still a vivid memory of epic musical surprise. It was late night at Hulaween at a silent disco and when my favorite percussionist Jason Haan came out and threw down a dirty, grimey Halloween set, I was pleasantly surprised. Prophet Massive is a set I will never miss if on a lineup moving forward. 



6. Autonomix 

This Denver based 4-piece band blends spacey beats with sexy guitar rifts creating a fun dance party.Fusing jazz elements with psychedelic electro jam is similar to STS9 and every time I have seen them, the entire audience has the biggest smiles. 



5. The Librarian 

The Librarian is a co-founder of Canadian event Bass Coast Festival happening in July. Her sets are known for moving through various bass subgenres like drum & bass, grime, etc. She's played major festivals like Envision, Lightning In A Bottle and we're excited to see what she brings to Bloom. 



4. Andreilien 

Andreilien, formerly Heyoka, blew me away when I first saw him at Lightning In A Bottle a few years ago. His downtempo glitchy bass creates those fun weird dance parties where you move like liquid. He's widely known in the West Cost bass scene, despite changing his name about 5 years ago. If you are a bass lover, this is not a set to miss. 



3. The Russ Liquid Test 

This New Orleans based band blends future funk with electronic beats creating one of the most fun dance parties I've been to. They mix traditional jazz sounds with electro fusion into a funky improv set that is a new experience each time. 



2. Spoonbill

Spoonbill is an artist that was once I was shown his music, I began listening to his albums through and through. Each track flows together blending genres with very experimental sound design. I have never seen this Australian artist live and am very excited for this unique set. 


1. Emancipator Ensemble 

Whenever I am not sure what I want to listen to, my all time go-to is Emancipator Ensemble's Georgia Theatre show (listen here). Emancipator solo is always a sexy bassy treat, but add the Ensemble and it's a whole new experience. The harmonic blend of electronic with traditional instruments is musical heaven. 


Check out the full lineup below & grab your tickets HERE

Sonic Bloom is a 4-day camping event, so get prepared with iEDM's Essentials For A Camping Festival HERE. Plus don't forget your fun festival outfits! Browse iEDM's Festival Collection HERE


about the writer

Lacy Bursick

Lacy Bursick

Read More...Lacy Bursick is a Colorado resident who enjoys traveling, hula hooping and hiking with her dog.

She grew up in the Midwest and became passionate for the music scene doing concert photography and reviews while in college at Ball State University.

Her favorite festivals are Electric Forest and Hulaween because of all the interactive art and variety in music.

She loves everything from jam bands, deep house, to dubstep. You can find her at a Bassnectar show dancing with her friends.

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