10 Necessities For A Camping Festival

| July 14, 2017

Attending a music festival is like running a marathon. A marathon that lasts for 3-4 days....So this means a lot of preparation is needed, especially if it's a camping festival You've already spent money on your ticket, so to avoid spending more money you'll want to make sure you have everything you need to rage successfully.

To ensure you have a stress free weekend here's a list of 10 necessities you need at a camping festival.


1. Canopy

A canopy is essential when camping at a music festival. It can be used to hang out under or to put up over your tent, either way you need the portable shade. Without it, you are guaranteed to fry in the sun or soak in the rain.

Canopies come in all shapes, sizes and prices. The cheapest canopy you will find will most likely reside at Walmart for around $40-$100. Make sure to get extra stakes or weights for the canopy because we’ve all seen the horror videos of canopies flying across festival campgrounds.



2. Blankets

Despite the warm summer weather, blankets are always a must at festivals and I don’t just mean a sleeping bag. You need all kinds of blankets while camping and raging. It’s always nice to bring an extra comforter or fluffy blanket to sleep with because you’re sleeping bag might not cut it alone during the chilly summer nights.

You’ll also want two outdoor blankets that you can carry around. One to set on the ground and lay on and the second to cover you and your crew up at night. Check out our beautiful collection of Festival Blankets HERE.



3. Festival Hoodies

Summer doesn't always guarantee the warmest of weather. As time starts ticking through festival season and we begin to approach the end of summer, the one guarantee is that it will get colder. Pack smart and bring several different kinds of Zip-ups and Sweatshirts.

You’ll need a light weight jacket or cover up to wear on a breezy day, a sweatshirt or zip-up for a chillier, cloudy day, and one, two, maybe even three warm hoodies for night time. We’ve got the perfect festy Sweatshirts, Zip-ups and Hoodies for men and women!


4. Flow Toys

Whether you’re hanging out at your campsite or hopping from show to show, flow toys always make your festival experience more enjoyable. I prefer not to take my hoop to shows because I don’t like carrying it the whole time, but you can always opt in for more portable flow toy options.

Space Whips and Poi are easily stuffed in to back packs while Orbits and Glow Gloves can fit in a pouch or your pocket. Check out iEDM’s Glow Factory HERE!


5. Comfortable Rave Wear

While running around and dancing your booties off, you want to make sure that you have comfortable clothing to stick your booties in to. Breathable, lightweight clothing is always the go to.

Crop Tops and Booty Shorts during the day (don’t forget the sunscreen). And then Leggings and Zip-ups for night time. Shoes are also important, make sure you can walk all day in the kicks you decide to bring.


6. Rain Gear

Rain gear is a must, even if you’re phone app says clear skies all weekend. The weather is constantly changing and preparation is needed.

Make sure to bring a rain coat and a good pair of rain boots (don’t forget extra socks!) Bringing a few umbrellas will also go along way, especially if you’re rolling with a big festy crew.



7. Portable Stove

Eating well and staying nourished is so important while at a music festival. You get so much exercise walking around all day and dancing at night.

Bringing food that is easily cooked on a portable stove will help you keep your energy up all weekend. Canned soup and vegetables are great to bring and easy to cook on a portable stove.



8. Cooler

Buying food at festivals is always so expensive. You and your wallet are better off coming prepared with easy to cook meals. A big cooler is a necessity. Some easy to cook foods to keep in your cooler include eggs, bacon, sausage, broccoli, carrots and other veggies.

Some snacks that you can fill your cooler with include, cheese, yogurt, lettuce for salads, guacamole, hummus, and so many others. Bringing a cooler also comes with the responsibility of keeping that cooler chilled all weekend. Ice is also expensive to buy at a festival.

Many people suggest buying dry ice. It is a bit on the pricey side ranging from 20-40 dollars but buying one slab of dry ice will keep your cooler cold all weekend. It’s way better than paying 5-10 dollars for a bag of ice.



9. Lots of Water

Always, always, always bring more water than you think you will need. Get a case of water per two people along with a few gallons of water for each person. Festivals usually do have frequent water refill stations but there is no guessing how close or how far one will be from your campsite.



10. Backpack/ Festy Pouch

Even if you’re not the kind of person who carries around a backpack at a festival, there’s no telling when you might need one. It’s important to bring a small, easy to carry back pack to have on hand in case you need to carry things like rain gear, snacks, a camera and other things of that nature.

If you’re not a backpack person then you for sure need a festy pouch or a fanny pack. Festy pouches are great for holding money, cigarettes, phones, and other small necessities you’ll need while raging at a festival. Not to mention, they’re so much more convenient and comfortable to dance with than a backpack.



Packing for a camping festival can be overwhelming, but with this list you are guaranteed to succeed. Check out more rave gear HERE and get your perfect festival outfit HERE.

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Lauren Aura

Read More...Lauren Aura lives in Indianapolis, Indiana where she is currently majoring in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. Art, dance and music are her greatest passions and expressions.

She attended her first music festival in 2013 which then ignited her passion for festival culture.

Her favorite artists are Papadosio, Emancipator, Imagined Herbal Flows Alejo, and Tycho.

Her favorite festivals include, Resonance, Hyperion, Good People Good Times, The Werk Out and Paradise.

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