10 New EDM Tracks Of March 2019

| March 25, 2019

It's March and you know what that means — festival season has arrived. With Ultra, Buku, Coachella and more approaching fast, it's time for some new jams to pregame your festival season. 

We have new tracks from across the spectrum from a new chill jam from FKJ and a remix of a popular banger from Quix. 

Check out our top 10 new music picks for March 2019. 


10. August Landelius - Now 

Coming off a 3-year absence, Swedish producer August Landelius is making his comeback to the scene with new single "Now," channeling experimental trip-hop in his latest production.  



9. Malaa - Addiction

The title of this new Malaa track speaks for itself, only we're addicted to this dark, groovy beat as opposed to the track's subject — cocaine. The masked Pardon My French producer's new track is his first release of 2019 and hits hard with a tech-heavy house style. 



8. FKJ - Leave My Home

The beach came early this year. Electro pop improv master FKJ returns with another chill masterpiece, this time armed with a guitar instead of sax. Even better, the French producer provides his vocals throughout the entire track, a treat he only gives on occasion. Not exactly reminiscent of his French Kiwi Juice EP, but still carrying all the elements of FKJ that fans love, "Leave My Home" is a solid follow-up to FKJ's 2018 single "Is Magic Gone." 



7. Dabin x Inukshuk - Another Day 

Rising producers Dabin and Inukshuk have collaborated on this feel-good piece that could lend itself as background music to a video game. "Another Day" is the last single Dabin drops before his sophomore album release on March 22. With vocals provided by Nevve, the track's atmospheric flow parallels an inspiring Said the Sky-esque sound. 



6. Sagan - BOUGE

Future house meets France in this new bouncy track by Sagan. Some swanky french lyrics, an electrifying bass-line and house beats make up the formula for this groovy, nightclub-esque banger.   



5. Gesaffelstein x Pharrell - Blast Off

Fresh off Gesaffelstein's latest album Hyperion, "Blast Off" enters cross-over territory, much like other Hyperion releases like "Lost in the Fire" with The Weeknd. Gesaffelstein forgoes his signature brand of dark techno for a disco-infused rhythm that pairs perfectly with Pharrell's R&B vibe. 



4. Above & Beyond - Sahara Love (Seven Lions Remix) 

Infusing his signature melodic dubstep sound into another remix, Seven Lions has given Above & Beyond's Sahara Love a beautifully-intense makeover. All our favorite elements of his style including uplifting piano chords and powerful drops transform Sahara Love and Zoe Johnston's vocals into an energy we can't get enough of. 



3. QUIX - Giving Up (Carbin Remix) 

Carbin takes the lush future-bass soundscape of  "Giving Up" and amps it up with some hard-hitting trap that delivers a cacophony of percussion. The remix goes heavy on the second drop without compromising on Jaden Michaels' vocals. 



2. Lemaitre - Smoke 

Bass and brass win on "Smoke", the second track off electronic duo Lemaitre's new EP Fast Lovers. Stylistically more moody than their usual upbeat sound, Lemaitre pair croony vocals with heavy distortion in a thematic ode to the EP title.



1. Naomi Wild - Run That 

"Run That" is Odesza's "Higher Ground" writer and vocalist Naomi Wild's first release of 2019. The percussive-heavy track offers some perspective on her conflict between codependency and freedom. Wild says, "I always kind of put myself in these somewhat destructive and chaotic scenarios because a part of me feels the most alive when everything isn’t so perfect."


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Jessica Mao

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