10 New Tracks To Start Off 2018

| January 01, 2018

As we wrap up 2017, some of our favorite producers are closing out the year with some incredible new music releases.

From heavy hitting bass and dubstep to melodic and uplifting tracks, we've compiled a list of ten of our favorite new releases this month for you to listen to.

Whether you're looking for new music, want to close out the year with a bang or want to dip your toes in some new genres, check out our top ten picks for the month of December with tracks from Zomboy, Illenium, Dillstradamus, Gareth Emery and more. 


1. Awake Piano Covers (Illenium) 

Illenium's Awake album has been the undisputed Album of the Year (yes I'm a bit biased, but have you heard it?!) and now Illenium has dropped his Awake Piano Covers.

The new album only features covers of Beautiful Creatures, Fractures and Crawl Outta Love, but the covers are absolutely breathtaking.

I know I'll be listening to these on repeat for quite awhile, and the piano covers are just as emotive and convey the same serenity and bliss that the originals did.

Unfortunately the tracks are only available on Spotify, but if you don't have a Spotify account, check out the Crawl Outta Love piano cover in the Youtube link above. 


2. Crypto (Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge) 

Crypto brings a new streaming service to the game. For awhile now, Gareth Emery has been one of the most vocal DJs when it comes to properly paying artists for their work.

Gaz and Ashley Wallbridge, the brains behind the satirical and hilarious CVNT5 project, teamed up to present Crypto, which can only be streamed on Choon, a new streaming that ensures that DJ's are properly paid for their work.

Only a preview is available on Soundcloud, so click on the title, or the link HERE to listen to the aptly named Crypto in full.


3. Tern It Up (Dillstradamus)

One of EDM's favorite collaborations makes its triumphant return with Tern It Up. Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus have teamed up before, and the two have been teasing Tern It Up in their sets for months.

Tern It Up will do exactly as its name suggests, this track will be seeing a great deal of airtime in electro, trap and festival sets this upcoming festival season.

Dillstradamus' last performance was at Moonrise Festival in August, hopefully this track means another festival (or better yet, a tour?!) will be coming up soon! 


4. Follow You (Kayzo)

Featuring Devin Oliver, Follow You is a harmonious marriage between (what I define) as Kayzo's two characteristic sounds: bass heavy and hardstyle.

The first half of the track is a banger, perfect for the bassheads in Kayzo's Doghouse, the first half of Follow You is hard and heavy. The second half of Follow You almost sounds like a completely different track, Kayzo reaches back into his hardstyle days and the second half of the track brings back some of that sound, with a little bit of trap and a little bit of wobbles.

It's a track not to miss, and everything that we love about this versatile producer. 


5. Crossfire (SN0WMASS)

Crossfire is a sweet melodic bass track from SN0WMASS. The track features Mona Moua's haunting vocals and a deeply emotive build and drop.

Featured by Insomniac Events as one of their Tracks of the Day, Crossfire is simultaneously dark and saccharine. Crossfire is available for a free download on the Artist Union if you click HERE.

If you love future bass, melodic bass or are simply looking for more music to listen to, you can't go wrong with this hot new track from SN0WMASS. 


6. Psycho (Rezz and Isqa) 

Rezz has been absolutely killing it on her Mass Manipulation Tour and this track has seen airtime during Space Mom's weird and wonderful shows.

Deep and dark, Psycho is the signature dark space sound that we have all come to love from Rezz. Featuring mysterious and creepy (in the best way possible) vocals, everything about this track works together and takes you into a higher state of mind.

If you haven't caught Mass Manipulation yet, check out Rezz's official website for tour information and tickets. There are a few more shows left and this is a tour you won't want to miss. 


7. Textacy (Dion Timmer) 

This new track from Dion Timmer is the titular track of his new Textacy EP and this song is so unexpected! When you hear 'Dion Timmer' you think 'Excision's son' (Anyone else? No? Just me?).

You think dubstep, wobbles, heavy drops and crunchy bass, but Textacy is refreshingly different and showcases Dion's incredible versatility and talent.

Definitely #neon, Textacy is a very different sound, but never fear headbangers, the rest of the Textacy EP still has tracks for even the heaviest basshead.

One of my personal favorites is Hoods Up, Dion, Excision and Messinian team up once again with the young dubstep producer to launch another wobbly classic. 


8. Bop It (Zomboy and Eptic)

Also featured on Skism's Never Say Die Volume V mix, Bop It is heavy despite its light sounding name (lets be real, did we expect anything else from Zomboy and Eptic?).

While the lyrics encourage listeners to "bop your head" headbangers know that they're gonna do something a little heavier than bopping.

There is no time to breathe in this track, it goes hard from the beginning to the very end, a sure addition to bass sets (Zomboy for Lost Lands 2018 anyone?). Do yourself a favor and give this track a listen. 


9. Faded (Said The Sky and FRND)

Said The Sky recently released this euphoric and uplifting track and it has already seen considerable airtime during his sets on Illenium's Awake Tour.

Faded is a playful and whimsical track with mellow vocals and Said The Sky's signature chill sound. A melancholic and vibey track, Faded is sure to be that song you play when you just need a second to sit, live in your head and breathe. 


10. Young (K?D remix)

k?d has had an absolutely phenomenal year so far (and in my opinion is the breakout artist of 2017) and the young future artist has bookended the year with The Chainsmokers.

k?d began 2017 on tour with the duo, and has closed out this year with his official remix of The Chainsmokers' Young. k?d's remix is undoubtedly his, with his signature future and synth sounds throughout the track.

k?d has been teasing this track for awhile, and now the kids of k?d has access to this track all holiday season long. 


If you needed some new music to listen to this week, give these tracks a listen. Stay up to date with more EDM News HERE on iEDM. 

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