10 Outfits For 90s Kids

| September 19, 2017

While ravers can be any age, the large majority of festival goers tend to fall into one age specific demographic. Call us Generation Y or Millennials, most ravers tend to be born in the late 80s or throughout the 90s.

There's a reason why DJs drop songs like "Wonderwall" or "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," because everyone and their dog knows those songs. We wanted to give a nod to the decade that inspires nostalgia in ravers, and we chose our top ten picks from our 90s Kids Collection to take you on a trip down memory lane. 


1. Haunting My Dreams Shirt

You don't have to be a child of the 90s to appreciate the cultural phenomenon that Pokemon was/is/will always be. Pokemon resonates with ravers and the Haunting My Dreams T-Shirt is the perfect combination of artsy and nostalgic. Check out the other piece in our Haunting My Dreams line, from tank tops to hoodies




2. Rave Insaiyan Tank

Now I personally didn't spend my childhood watching Dragon Ball Z but the popular anime still hits a note with ravers and DJs alike (my favorite is Datsik's "Just Saiyan"). Regardless of whether or not you loved the anime, this tank top is everything we love about the 90s. With our Rave Insaiyan Tank Top you can channel your inner Goku. 




3. Mufasa's Glory Tank Top

No matter what year of the decade you were born in, everyone loves Disney. And Lion King. Disney's Lion King. How many of us are still traumatized about the way Mufasa went? In honor of him, our Mufasa's Glory Tank Top is a must-have, with the tie-dye colors and profile image of the king himself emblazoned on the front of the tank top. A sure crowd-pleaser this tank top will get everyone reminiscing about the 90s. 




4. Acid Pikachu Tank

Our aptly named Acid Pikachu Tank Top is a fun and colorful staple for your rave wardrobe. This playful tank top features everyone's favorite electric mouse Pokemon in a state of...higher consciousness. And let's be real, we've all looked like Pikachu at one point or another at a festival. Rock this tank top at your next festival, or any of the other bestselling pieces featuring the Acid Pikachu design




5. Handheld Hoodie 

Before our faces were glued to smartphones, they were glued to Nintendo Gameboys and not just any Gameboy, but the Gameboy Color. My little 90s heart is aflutter. Our Handheld Hoodie is everything we love about the 90's, from the pixelated design of the Gameboy Color to the ubiquitous oh-no-my-battery-is-dying indicator light on the side. If I see anyone wearing this hoodie at a festival I will straight up hug them. 




6. Oscar the Nug Shirt

Sesame Street may be a little older than the 90s, but we all still remember it. How many of us didn't watch an episode or two during kindergarten or preschool? Our Oscar the Nug T-shirt presents a playful image of everyone's favorite grumpy trash-can-resident with a pair of stunner shades. We all knew that Oscar was secretly a baller, and now we know for sure. 




7. Arthur's Fist Tank

My favorite TV show of the 90s was without a doubt Arthur. I remember hurrying home after school to catch the anthropomorphic kids on all of their adventures. In the past couple years or so, like many things near and dear to the 90s, Arthur's fist became a meme. Bridge the gap between the 90s and the 2000s with our Arthur's Fist Tank. Funny, 90s reminiscent and sure to cause a laugh at your next festival




8. 90's Swoosh Joggers

One of our 90s pieces that's a little less on the nose, the ubiquitous 9's swoosh is recognizable to anyone born in the time period and is sure to earn you a nod of approval at your next event. I remember seeing this swoosh emblazoned on bags and cups, and now you can wear this swoosh with our 90s Swoosh Joggers




9. Battle Damaged Goku Armor Tank

Another Dragon Ball Z rave staple, the Battle Damaged Goku Armor Tank lets you wear the same shirt as your favorite Saiyan. You can look like Goku after a battle at your next festival when you add this tank top to your next rave outfit. One of the best way to show your 90s pride, you can't go wrong with this tank top. 




10. Game Over Crop Top

The 90s staple of a handheld gaming device is forever a part of your rave wardrobe with our Game Over Crop Top. The bright teal colored crop top is cool and comfortable in fit and will remind every raver of the golden days of the 90s when you walk by wearing this crop top. Even though the crop top says 'game over' the fun is never over when you're rocking the 90s at a rave. 

Ready to rock the 90s? Check out the rest of our 90s Kids Collection HERE to reminisce about the early days of our lives! 

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