10 Patriotic Outfits for Independence Day

| June 23, 2017

Summer has officially begun and it's time for sun, barbecues and cold cocktails. Summer is a busy season: we're in the middle of festival season, everyone is out and traveling, and one of our favorite American holidays is rapidly approaching.

There are tons of Fourth of July events to attend, EDM-centric and otherwise. To have you looking your best for your Independence Day rave, party or kickback, we've curated a list of our ten favorite patriotic products that will let you show your pride for your country. Happy 241 years of freedom America! 


1. American Rave Flag Tank Top

With the sun out, it's time to rock all your tanks. Our American Rave Flag Tank features our patriotic stars and bars, but in a subdued chromatic scheme. This tank combines the well-known design of our flag with the EDM-mantra of "hands up!" Perfect to wear at a rave or just during an outing with friends, you can represent your love for your country and your love for raving all with one tank top! 



2. Tattered Flag Unisex Hoodie

Summer days are hot, but the nights can get chilly. Stay warm and patriotic in our Tattered Flag Unisex Hoodie. The worn design lends your look a vintage appeal and this hoodie is perfect to wear while watching the fireworks, enjoying a bonfire on the beach or while taking that perfect 4th of July selfie. The artistic design makes this hoodie much better than all the other simple stars and bars designs that you'll see during Independence Day. 



3. Space White and Blue Tank

If simple chromatic hues and vintage flag looks aren't the thing for you, we have an (almost) classic flag design for you with our Space White and Blue Tank. Featuring a simple flag design, this tank top still maintains a little bit of a rave vibe with the subtle space design. If you look closely, you can see the galaxy pattern behind the red and white stripes of the flag. Perfect for your 4th of July rave (extra points if the event is at night) or just to wear day-to-day. The light design will keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest summer days. 



4. EDM Uncle Sam T-Shirt

If you want to represent your American-ness but want to do so in a more subtle way than having the flag splashed across your chest, we have the answer for you. Our EDM Uncle Sam shirt dips into a little bit of history (War of 1812 propaganda anyone?) and meshes the old with the new. The black and white design allows a reprieve from the omnipresent red, white and blue. The fun shirt blends satire, history and our love of raving into one cool design. Besides, if Uncle Sam wants us to party, who are we to say no?



5. Space White and Blue Booty Shorts 

Patriotic rave wear isn't limited to shirts, tanks, and hoodies. We have a wide range of patriotic bottoms, so you can rock whatever top you want but still show your love for your country. Our Space White and Blue Booty Shorts takes one of our favorite designs and transforms it into a pair of shorts that not only look good but allow you to dance, shuffle and jump to your heart's content. Expand your patriotic wardrobe with a pair of red white and blue booty shorts. 



6. Silver Mirror American Flag Diffraction Glasses

Accessories are just as important as your overall rave attire, and we have the perfect Fourth of July accessories for you. Our American Flag Diffraction Glasses will let you experience light shows at another level while still maintaining your red, white and blue theme. Not sure where to wear your diffraction glasses? Try watching the fireworks with them, I promise you won't be disappointed! 



7. Tattered Flag T-Shirt

If you liked the vintage design of our Tattered Flag Hoodie but not the long sleeves of the unisex pullover, we also have this bestselling design available in a cool and comfortable t-shirt. Short sleeves are great in the summer and the light materials we use to make our shirts will keep you cool even during the warmer summer days. You can dance all night in our Tattered Flag T-Shirt. 



8. Fractal Flag Booty Shorts 

Booty shorts are a rave staple and a must-have over the summer. You can't possibly go wrong with our Fractal Flag Booty Shorts. Simple at first glance, these shorts have a subtle fractal design that can be barely seen over the white stripes of the flag. Subtle, fun and artistic, this design is one of our favorites for the Fourth of July. Dance into the dawn in a pair of our comfortable booty shorts and show your patriotism with the stars and bars.  



9. USA Flag Leggings

If you want patriotic bottoms but booty shorts aren't quite your thing, we have our USA Flag Leggings that you can wear on cooler nights or during days you just want to stay covered up. Featuring bands of red and white with the ubiquitous white stars and blue background, these leggings will be perfect for any Independence Day celebration you have going on and will keep you cool and comfortable the entire time. 



10. Fractal Flag Tank

Our Fractal Flag Tank is simple at first glance with the vertical flag design, but the subtle fractal designs across the stripes on the shirt make this tank a conversation starter. Featuring bright bold colors and a cool comfortable design, you can wear this tank top to any party, barbecue or Fourth of July event that you attend. You'll blend in and stand out with our Fractal Flag Tank. 


Patriotic wear isn't limited to Independence Day, you can show your love for your country year-round. Shop our July 4th Collection HERE for more options. From tanks to hoodies and booty shorts, we have the perfect patriotic rave wear for you! 

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Lindsey Moriyama

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