10 Perfect Outfits for Different Music Genres

| November 20, 2017

Each genre of music brings different vibes and different tribes. At each show you will find an assortment of eclectic individuals all with their own kind of style. Each genre has a certain je ne sais quoi and brings out the expressive appearance in all of us.

You can't help but dress up for the kind of excitement that a live show presents to you, whether it's hip-hop or dubstep, the music brings out your best style for the night.

Getting dressed up for a show is part of the fun and can set the tone for your whole night out. Making a statement with a rave outfit that you feel confident in and that you're ready to groove in is what it's all about.


1. House



When I hear house music I think of glamour, glimmer and sparkle. House music is upbeat and instantly brightens the mood of a room. So why not add to the music and atmosphere by lighting yourself up?

With our Light Up Sequin Star Halter and Bottom Set you will literally illuminate the room. 



2. Dubstep


Get your grime on with our Astro Cat Crop Tee and our Worm Hole Leggings. You will feel as if you are traveling through space and time, not only with the music but also with this spacey outfit on.

If you want to go for a more breezy ensemble, check out our Ripple in Space Booty Shorts. Wear those with some over the knee socks and a pair of cute kicks.



3. Jamtronic


Jamtronic gives you the best of everything, it's dance music, funky jams and improvisational rock all in one. Rock out in our Owl Medicine Crop Top and our Awake Joggers. To go underneath, try our Messenger Booty Shorts



4. Downtempo


Downtempo music allows you to get in to your metaphysical flow. With our Dreamstate Joggers you're already on your journey to a different dimension.

Pair it with our Wire Web Back Top and you are ready to move your hips to those downtempo beats. 



5. Glitch Hop


Glitch hop is the spiritual side of bass music. These Chakra Attuned Leggings will connect you to the music and the crowd. Wear it with this Imaginatrix Crop Top and you will most definitely spread the spiritual energy.

If you want to stay cool, these Owl Medicine Booty Shorts are just right for moving your booty to the music. 



6. Psytrance


PsyTrance is one of the most energetic EDM genres out there so you can be sure you will burn a lot of calories at a PsyTrance show. Because of this, you need to dress for the occasion which means light weight and as little clothing as possible. This shimmery, gold Angel Cross Top and and Booty Shorts combo is perfect for dancing all night long.

Pair it with some over the knee gold or black socks and some sneakers and you're all set. Don't forget the accessories! Layer it with some gold chain chokers and a body chain and you'll be shining until the sun comes up. 



7. Jamband


For the Jam Bands, we've got a cosmic Llama Shirt. Get your jam on with this this shirt that can be worn as a T-shirt dress.

A favorite style of mine includes an oversized T-shirt, paired with patterned tights and some booty shorts to go over top. Check out our beautiful Northern Lights Booty Shorts to complete the look. If tights aren't your style then you can opt in for our Dream Catcher Leggings.



8. Reggae



They say that mandalas are a representation of your true spirit, so show off your chill rasta spirit in our Reflection Crop Top and Flower Mandala Joggers

This mandala crop top, jogger pair is the perfect outfit for jammin to some reggae. These Rasta Woods Booty Shorts  are can be worn to underneath so if you get hot during the show you can slip them right off and still match your beautiful flower crop top. 



9. Funk



Get your psychedelic funk on with our colorful Water Colors Crop Top and our Mind Blown Booty Shorts. Channel your inner disco queen and you'll be dancing in this outfit all through out the night. Add in some groovy hippie sun glasses and boots and you won't stop being in the funk music mood.

For a warmer style check out our trippy polka dot Strip Joggers that are perfect to dance in. 



10. Hip Hop


Hip Hop shows bring out the flashy, style in all of us. Show off your sparkle and shine in our Queen Strap Back Top. Pair it with our Flutterby Printed Leggings  that add just the right pop of color to the outfit. Add some silver or black heals a long with some silver accessories and you are ready for the night. 



Express yourself in your own unique way with every genre! Check out more music inspired clothing rave wear.

For more genre outfit ideas visit the iEDM Trippy Collection HERE.

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Lauren Aura

Read More...Lauren Aura lives in Indianapolis, Indiana where she is currently majoring in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. Art, dance and music are her greatest passions and expressions.

She attended her first music festival in 2013 which then ignited her passion for festival culture.

Her favorite artists are Papadosio, Emancipator, Imagined Herbal Flows Alejo, and Tycho.

Her favorite festivals include, Resonance, Hyperion, Good People Good Times, The Werk Out and Paradise.

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