10 Rave Wear Outfit Essentials For EDC 2020

| May 06, 2019

Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest EDM events of the year and EDC 2019 is quickly approaching. However, in the weeks leading up to the extravaganza in Las Vegas, attendees have a lot to do.

Between gathering all their Glow Gear and booking flights, hotels and shuttles, EDC attendees will be busy. One huge item on every attendee’s to-do list is deciding on their festival outfits.

We here at iEDM want you to have the best possible EDC experience and we’re here to help. We’ve compiled our top ten favorite rave wear outfit essentials to inspire festival goers who still aren’t sure what they plan to wear.


10. Heart Shaped Kaleidoscope Glasses 

These heart shaped glasses are super cute and scream PLUR. Share the love and let others try on these mesmerizing kaleidoscope glasses. They will transform your light show into the most mesmerizing experience, as if EDC's lights couldn't get any better. 

Get your pair of Heart Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE. 

Check out more rave eyewear HERE



9. Owl Crop Top & Booty Shorts Combo 

The owl is one of EDC's most enduring symbols and has been immortalized on shirts, kandi, sweatshirts and hats. Now we're adding our Owl Crop Top & Booty Shorts combo to the EDC owl theme. This combo deal is a great festival outfit value and you'll fit in with the owl theme and the bright colors, artistic detail and cool design will make you the center of the festival. 

Get your Owl Combo HERE and guys can match with the Owl Tank HERE



8. Beautiful Core Hoodie T-Shirt 

Galaxies and nebulas are one of our favorite designs and with this celestial hoodie t-shirt, you can shine at EDC. The dreamy color scheme and gradient design make this tank unique, special and perfect for EDC. 

Buy your Beautiful Core Hoodie T-Shirt HERE.



7. Space Whip Pro 

The Space Whip Pro is the LED accessory that will complete any rave outfit, plus it's really fun to dance with. Mesmerize bystanders and yourself as you find your flow with this fiber optic LED whip that changes colors. 

Get your Space Whip Pro HERE



6. Chaos Bandana 

My favorite thing about this colorful skull themed bandana is that if you fold and tie right, you can make yourself look like you have a skull mouth. Tie it up around your mouth and rage your face off in this epic bandana pick.

Get your Chaos Bandana HERE or check out our full Bandana selection HERE



5. LED Shoes 

Let your feet make a statement on the dance floor as you shuffle and show off your sickest moves. LED shoes are the most fun festival shoes you can own, and we have a selection of many styles with various patterns. They change colors in various modes and are easy to charge. 

Find your perfect pair of LED Shoes HERE. 



4. Magical Unicorn Hydration Backpack

Be the unicorn that you are at this year's EDC with this hydration pack / hood combo that will instantly transform you into a magical creature all while keeping you safe. The only way you are going to make it through a busy EDC week is with a hydration pack to keep you hydrated. Why not embrace your inner Unicorn while doing it? 

Get your Magical Unicorn Hydration Backpack HERE



3. DJ Groot Tank Top 

Colonel Sanders may have stopped by Ultra, but we want a DJ Groot takeover at EDC. This adorable shirt shows our favorite Guardian of The Galaxy throwing down some sick beats. 

Find your size in the DJ Groot Tank HERE



2. Keyhole Panel Romper

This sparkly themed body suit screams EDC. You will have to be sure to get photos next to the Electric Daisy since your rave outfit will be matching. The light material will keep you cool while you dance into the sunrise. This body suit is also available in other color options.  

Get your Keyhole Panel Romper HERE



1. Pixel Pro LED Glasses 

Pixel Pros are the hottest rave item of 2019. They have over 350 modes combining various colors in creative patterns that dance to the music. The stage lighting is cool and all, but with these LED shades, you can be your own light show. Immerse your festival outfit into the experience and be a part of the Electric Sky. 

Get your pair of Pixel Pro LED Glasses HERE.

They also come as Goggles HERE


Just a reminder for our followers who will be attending EDC Week. Many of the nightclubs have dress codes and not meeting the dress code often means you won’t be let into the club. So make sure you double check the websites and dress accordingly. However, at the festival itself, self-expression is accepted, embraced and encouraged.


Didn’t see anything you liked? No worries, because we love EDC so much, we’ve curated a collection especially for EDC. Check it out HERE for our favorite tops, bottoms, accessories and glow gear.


Shop the iEDM Festival Season Collection HERE for more festival looks. 

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