10 Retro Inspired Rave Looks

| February 11, 2022

Old-school is officially in style. Embrace your inner hippie with a look inspired by the 60s and 70s or get in touch with your millennial roots with 80s and 90s styles. iEDM offers dozens of retro prints and designs that bring a chic element to your closet. Whether you're looking for a retro look ready for the rave or something to spice up your Throwback Thursday, iEDM will help you put a modern twist on a dated classic. 


Check out iEDM's 10 Retro Inspired Rave Looks below.



80s Baby Crop Top

For a total 80s-inspired look, grab the 80s Baby Crop Top. This hot pink top is splatter with bursts of neon green and yellow and speckled with matching polka dots. Light up the rave in this bright crop top.


Grab iEDM's 80s Baby Crop Top HERE! 



Groovy Trip Tank

Get your groove on with the Groovy Trip Tank. This mystical blue and purple tank is covered with 70s-inspired rainbow flowers. Bring your flower power to the dance floor with this 70s floral tank.


Grab iEDM's Groovy Trip Tank HERE!



90s Kids Slime Splatter T-Shirt


Relive the 90s with the 90s Kids Slime Splatter T-Shirt. This vibrant T-shirt is decorated with an all-over purple, green and orange paint splatter pattern. Blast to the past in this rocking 90s T-shirt.


Grab iEDM's 90s Kids Slime Splatter T-Shirt HERE!



80s Magic Colorblast Crop Hoodie

Mesmerize your fellow ravers with the 80s Magic Colorblast Crop Hoodie. This crop hoodie is a beautiful swirl of orange, purple, hot pink, and yellow. This magical spin on 80s tie-dye will have you turning heads at your next rave.


Grab iEDM's 80s Magic Colorblast Crop Hoodie HERE!



Hippie Trippy Flowers Hoodie

Catch a 70s vibe with the Hippie Trippy Flowers Hoodie. This pink and orange hoodie screams flower power with its big multi-colored daisies. Get ready to boogie down in this bright hoodie. 


Grab iEDM's Hippie Trippy Flowers Hoodie HERE!



90s Neon Paint Splatter Hoodie Dress


Bring a burst of color into your life with the 90s Neon Paint Splatter Hoodie Dress. This spectacular style is splattered with neon greens, bright blues, vibrant purples, and hot pinks. You'll be an easy standout in this hoodie dress.


Grab iEDM's 90s Neon Paint Splatter Hoodie Dress HERE! 



80s Rainbow Cloak

Get totally tubular while rocking the 80s Rainbow Cloak. This colorful rave cloak features a zig-zag print over a pastel ombre backdrop. Pair this cloak with fingerless gloves, legwarmers, or fanny pack for a total 80s look.


Grab iEDM's 80s Rainbow Cloak HERE!



90s Filtered Weekend Shorts


Fans of tie-dye will fall in love with the 90s Filtered Shorts. This playful print is a classic mix of purple, teal, white and gray. These shorts look like they came straight from the 90s. 


Grab iEDM's 90s Filtered Shorts HERE!



Psychedelic 60s Leggings

Time travel back to the 60s with the Psychedelic 60s Leggings. Groovy rainbow-colored flowers overlay thick vertical stripes. Embrace your inner hippie with these leggings. 


Grab iEDM's Psychedelic 60s Leggings HERE!



Splash Of The 90s Joggers

Electrify the night with the Splash Of The 90s Joggers. These vibrant pants are a brilliant swirl of yellow, black, neon green, and hot pink. Hypnotize your fellow ravers with these trippy 90s joggers. 


Grab iEDM's Splash Of The 90s Joggers HERE! 



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