10 Sets To Catch At Lightning In A Bottle Festival 2018

| May 13, 2018

The main goal of Lightning in a Bottle has always been to break that receptive cycle that is dance music festivals. Do Lab brings its dynamic multi-genre lineups and engaging activities back for another summer in California.

In addition to the carefully curated lineup, you can expect everything from larger than life art pieces to yoga classes to meditation workshops and so much more!

Decorate your campsite with tapestries and blankets. Get your festival outfits ready, and don't forget a hoodie because LIB is known for its hot desert days and quick temperature dropping nights.

The line up boasts 100+ artists performing at seven stages, Do Lab does a great job of finding something for everyone. From psytrance techno ragers to deep grooving house beats, you can expect hot dance floor parties that go until sunrise. Here are 10 must-see artists at this year's event. 


1. The Glitch Mob

With their third album, See Without Eyes, out the Los Angeles group is one of the most anticipated artists at LiB. The trio is known for their bass-driven beats and by teaming up with up-and-coming artists like Elohim, Rituals of Mine, and Tula, managed to keep fans on the hook once again. I’m not going to lie, their “Seven Nation Army”(by The White Stripes) is life changing.



2. Giraffage

I had to cancel autocorrect so many times for this one but he’s by far one of the best artists in future bass to see live. The bay area native recently played his first Coachella this year and is currently on tour. The man literally just wants to share a piece of his soul and make you feel something.



3. ZHU

Zhu coming in with the house, trap, AND pop! Until mid-2014, he remained anonymous and asked to be judged for his music alone and was positively received by the electronic music press. Since then he’s been busy collaborating with Skrillex, AlunaGeorge, and so many others. After his closing set at Coachella 2016, he was deemed the next Daft Punk.




The California Trap artist is beloved in the EDM community for not only her psychedelic hip-hop beats, but also her story as an artist. After two brain surgeries, Jennifer Lee lost her ability to comprehend music. Her new album, “Lune Rouge” consists entirely of songs she wrote post recovery. If that didn’t stop her from making music, what’s your excuse for missing her set?



5. Anderson. Paak

To add to TOKiMONSTA’s kinetic vibes, Andy was actually a feature along side with Krane, who will also be in attendance. Paak is bringing hip-hop, R&B, and Funk to the mix for memorial weekend. For those who need a break from House, switch gears towards Paak. Let’s be honest though, who ever needs a break from House. 



6. Alix Perez

Another highly anticipated Bass act from seasoned LiB goers. Perez is looking to push his drum and bass to new levels with his extraterrestrial beats and visuals. With songs like “U” that can only be described as “dark trap” by his fans, Perez is on his own level.



7. NAO

A true throwback to early 00’s neo-soul movement, the British singer coined the term “wonky Funk” to describe her style and I’m not going to argue. Between the funky beats and her jazz vocal, NAO is definitely an electronic funk artist to look out for in the future and at LiB.



8. Modeselektor

From what I can tell, LiB is a House/ Tech heavy festival and not seeing the German duo Modeselektor would be a mistake. The group regards their sound as “happy metal, hard rap, country-ambient, and Russian crunk,” I’m not sure what that means either but they definitely draw heavily on glitch, electro house and hip hop.



9. Monolink

As his name suggests, the music producer took two very aspect of modern music and created a fascinating character that connects the narrative structure of a song with the electronic rhythms seamlessly. Let his sound come down on you.



10. Bleep Bloop

“A person who makes sounds” is the artist’s humble twitter bio doesn’t do him justice. The mysterious DJ’s drops are unpredictable in the best way. You never quite know where his song is going but wherever it is, I’m not hating it. Bleep Bloop is a person that makes good sounds.


Let us know who you’re looking forward to seeing!

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Mai Ho-Nguyen

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