10 Easy Costume Ideas for Halloween 2018

| September 19, 2018

As Summer dwindles down and school starts, it's time to start thinking about Halloween. We all remember being a kid, dressing up and showing off our costumes once a year.

Some of us may have even been a mischievous youngster that had two disguises in hopes that we could acquire double the candy. This year you may have been invited to a party or you might be chaperoning a gaggle of little ones around the neighborhood but you might not have enough time to pull a costume together.

No worries because iEDM is here to help you prepare for this upcoming season without the hassle.


10. Jack Skellington Hoodie



Stay warm on Halloween with this classic Jack Skellington hoodie. If you are a lover of all things Tim Burton, this is the hoodie for you. Continue wearing this sweater though the Winter season and justify your extended Halloween fever.




9. Sugar Skull Crop Top


Halloween and Day of the Dead go hand-in-hand every fall as we remember our loved ones and take light of our inevitable end. Represent the roots of this holiday by rocking our vibrant sugar skull crop top. 




8. Superman Men's T-Shirt



If you want to be an undercover super hero this fall, we have got the shirt for you. From being the designated driver to volunteering at a local haunted house, there is so much you can do to help make Halloween a day to remember. 




7. Jack Skellington Crop Top



As if we could not get enough of The Nightmare Before Christmas, here's another shirt to represent the pumpkin king. This purple crop top is perfect for anyone looking to get into the spirit of Halloween without any weird props or extensive face paint. 




 6. Battle Armor Goku Joggers


Get ready to go Super Saiyan with these Goku joggers. Find the matching top HERE on iEDM to complete your comfy Goku costume.




 5. Harley Unisex Hoodie


With Fall comes hoodie weather. Bundle up this October with the candy-colored Harley Quinn. 




4. Frankenstein Men's T-Shirt


When it comes to classic spooky characters, Frankenstein is usually the first on the list. Bring this monster back to life with our colorful, electrifying T-shirt.




 3. Wicked Dreams Men's T-Shirt


This ghostly T-shirt will have your 90's Pokemon obsession haunting your dreams( in the best way!) Represent your inner kid by remembering Haunter and Cubone this Halloween




 2. Bandages Men's T-Shirt


Blood splatter seems to be all the rage every Halloween. Forget paying for anymore fake blood we have you covered this year with this bandage T-shirt. 




1. Skull 49 Crop Top


Skulls; the classic symbol for death and mortality. This cosmic cranium shows us the bigger picture of the circle of life. Rock this crop top at your planned Halloween event. 



We have so many more ideas for you to express yourself this Halloween! Check out our entire Halloween Collection HERE and check out the Top 5 Rave Accessories for 2018!




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