10 Space Hoodies That Will Blow Your Mind

| November 01, 2017

Blast off into outer space with iEDM Space Hoodies!

These hi-def and vibrant designs are here to match your dazzling personality. From cloudy nebulas to your spirit animal floating in the sky, there is an out of this world style for everyone. 

Our hoodies are sublimated printed, which means they will never crack or fade. Cheers for hoodie season because these all-over print designs are high quality and comfortable for rave wear to street wear

Find your perfect space style in a galaxy far, far away.. 


1. Reflection Hoodie


The Reflection Hoodie shows a lonely being questioning what is life while stargazing a clear sky. This hoodie is artistic and has a deeper meaning. Where did we come from? What else is out there? When you start to question, you begin to feel very small in this amazing universe. 



2. Rasta Woods Hoodie


The Rasta Woods Hoodie depicts a beautiful silhouette with evergreens on a mountain with a backdrop of a Christmas colored starscape. This hoodie makes you want to escape the city lights to breath in the fresh air of the mountains and wish upon a shooting star. 



3. Astronaut Pals Hoodie


The Astronaut Pals Hoodie shows the cutest friends ever. This panda / cat combo is an adorable depiction of you and your bestie getting elevated, which makes it the perfect Christmas gift. 



4. Worm Hole Hoodie


The Worm Hole Hoodie is one of our best sellers and for a good reason. Fall into the depths of space with this vibrant design. This swirling worm hole can take you into the unknown.



5. Pizza Taco Cat Hoodie


Nom Nom Nom. The Pizza Taco Cat Hoodie is everyone's favorite munchies. This hoodie is perfect for taco Tuesday and Caturdays, not to mention pizza is good everyday, all times of day. 



6. Novacane Hoodie


The Novacane Hoodie shows a trippy galactic milky way. The colors are cool earth tone vibe for you nature lovers. It's vibrant in its own way. 



7. DJ Groot Hoodie



The DJ Groot Hoodie is an adorable picture of our favorite Guardians of the Galaxy character shredding the decks. The colors are rockin' making this the perfect outfit from class to a rave. 



8. Aurora Glow Hoodie


The Aurora Glow Hoodie is perfect for your next snowboarding trip. Shred the gnar in this sparkling design of a snowy mountain with an aurora borealis in the background. 



9. Blue Galaxy Hoodie




The Blue Galaxy Hoodie is the bluest blues and the most popping details of purples and pinks. The vivid starry design is one of the best selling designs because it's so radiant and detailed.




10. Dream Catcher Hoodie


The Dream Catcher Hoodie is perfect for all you 420 lovers. This artistic design features our favorite flower with a starry dream of purple haze.


Hoodie season is here so dress your best with the most colorful hoodies around. iEDM's All-Over Print Hoodie designs are a must-have this Holiday season.

Check out more out of this world hoodies from the iEDM Space Vibes Collection HERE


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