10 Summer Festival Shirts To Represent Your Spirit Animal

| June 17, 2018

Summer is finally here and as it continues to heat up as the longest day of the year approaches, outfit picks are vibrant colors that make a statement by wearing art. One of our favorite outfit ideas is to rep your spirit animal. We have trippy, hi-def designs in our animal collection that show off your favorite creatures in an artful way. 

Your animal totem is an animal that represents your spirit and you can relate to. They also occur in your dreams and can be a sign in various parts throughout your life. Each animal has different meanings behind their totem presence. From cats to unicorns, we have info on each spirit animal and a cute festival shirt to match. 

We did 10 Hoodies to Represent Your Spirit Animal, but in celebration of summer and festival season, here are 10 Summer Festival Shirts To Represent Your Spirit Animal. 

1. Cat 


Space kitties, this one is for you. Blast off to another dimension with this adorable Astrocat Crop Top. If your spirit animal is a cat, you are curious, independent, and like an adventure. Adventure around the festival with your favorite space CAT-dets looking cute in this summer top. 



2. Elephant 


An elephant totem represents focused power, strength, and most importantly wisdom. Elephants are also very loyal and reliable to their friends and relationships. An elephant is a great spirit animal to have because they have a deep understanding of others. 



3. Owl 


The owl is the animal totem for all you night dwellers. If you are a night owl, you are wise, tranquil, and intuitive. This tank is perfect for all Insomniac lovers too, since the Owl is their sign. Rock it this summer when you are raging all night. This style is also available in a T-Shirt HERE



4. Wolf 


Wolves are leaders of the pack. Having a wolf as your totem usually represents power, self-control and balance. They are fearless, loyal and make great companions. This Wolf design is also available in a fierce one-piece swimsuit HERE



5. Lion 


Lions are known as the kings of the jungle because the are courageous, and have a lot of personal strength. Their roars are powerful, just like their presence. Having a lion as a spirit animal usually means you are confident. 



6. Unicorn


A unicorn is a mythical creature that sparkles and shines. They are very elegant and unique individuals. They are dreamers and lovers. They are great friends too. A unicorn spirit animal is one of the most creative and vibrant of all.



7. Dinosaur 


If a dinosaur is your spirit animal, you are an old soul. Dinosaurs are strong, sassy, and rambunctious. While tromping through your next festival, dress as a goofy dinosaur. This tank is perfect for Lost Lands. 



8. Tiger 


A tiger as your spirit animal symbolizes inner trust and self reliance. Tiger's deal with life spontaneously. These feline beings are very self aware and majestic creatures. Be strong like a tiger and rock your favorite fierce being on a t-shirt or crop top. 



9. Rhino  


Rhino's don't take no for an answer. They are strong beings who can overcome anything. Having a rhino totem is a unique spirit animal that should be embraced because they are strong, athletic and perseverant beings. 




10.  Zebra 


Zebras have mental agility and are great problem solvers. Quick on their feet, they can find resolutions to anything faster than most. Zebra totems are honorable and can have a tame or wild spirit. 


Don't see your spirit animal? Check out the full iEDM Animal Kingdom Collection HERE for cheetahs, dogs, pandas and more! 

As it continues to heat up and summer fashion is in full swing, scroll through 10 Must-Have Floral Prints. For more must-have festival fashion and rave wear, visit iEDM HERE

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