10 T-Shirts That Are Perfect For Electric Forest

| June 05, 2017

It's right around the corner and it's the camping festival we've waited all year for. From glowing LED chandeliers hanging in trees, to interactive art installations you can actually play on, Electric Forest has everything a festival needs to keep your eyes wandering and your mind in awe. 

The vibe feels sacred in Sherwood Forest, so whip out your most divine clothing. iEDM has created a specially curated Electric Forest Collection to give your ideas for your perfect outfit.

Anything goes at Electric Forest, but here are ten shirts that are so perfect for the forest, you'll think they were made for it. 


1. Galactic Valley T-Shirt

This looks like a scene in Sherwood Forest. Stars, beautiful colors, tress, all it is missing is your festy fam. Throw this on and everyone will know that you are forest fam. The vibe is chill and the view is awe inspiring. 



2. Fire And Ice T-Shirt 

Two forces that are destructive to each other but vital for life, here are two wolves from very different packs coming together. Come together in the Forest with festy-goers across the country for for dancing all night in peace.



3. Haunting My Dreams T-Shirt

You will be dreaming about Electric Forest before, during, and after the festival. It'll be just as magical in your dreams as it was in person. The only downside, it'll make you miss it even more than you already do when it's over. You may even hit snooze to keep it going. 



4. Wolf Aura T-Shirt

So majestic! Just like everything in the forest, this color palette stands out. It's an attention grabber, so be ready for people to be mesmerized and they may even try to pet Mr. Wolfie. 



5. Owl Language T-Shirt

Insomniac, one of the curators behind Electric Forest and the creators of EDC, are known by their owl symbol. With eyes in all corners of the forest, owls will never be far from you. They are one of the most sacred birds, and will be watching over the party all night.



6. Metatronic T-Shirt

The fundamentals of creation and existence are expressed effortlessly in this sacred geometry design. Metatron's Cube and the Flower of Life hold answers to so many questions. Wear it, feel it, see it, be it. 



7. Wicked Dreams T-Shirt

Sweet dreams in a wicked world full of magic and mystery is what your entire Electric Forest experience will feel like. We have so many wicked experiences happen inside the Sherwood Forest. 



8. Finn T-Shirt

Adventure Time! Need I say more? This dope dye will grab compliments from any cartoon or tie dye lover. Finn is always down for whatever, and so should you. Well, at least during the festival



9. Tree Space T-Shirt

Cosmic eye candy is what I would name this one. Everything we know is just stardust, from our bodies, to the shirt, to the image on the shirt. Blow someone's mind, and bless their eyes. 



10. Holding The Sun T-Shirt

Even though you'll be doing a lot of partying under the moon, you'll still have a lot of fun in the sun! Show off your sacred side, shine bright, and stay lit in this colorful work of art. 


All of these are great, but even better with accessories. Throw on some spiked goggles, diffraction glasses, or even bring some flow toys

You can find all of this and more EDM clothes at iEDM.com. We have your back for all of those festy needs and can't wait to see you there!

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Kylie de la Bruyere

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