10 Trending Ugly Christmas Sweaters

| December 13, 2021

It’s finally that time of year again. iEDM's Ugly Christmas Sweaters are back and better than ever. Each gender-neutral sweatshirt is made with 100% premium microfiber polyester, making them extra soft and durable enough to withstand fading, wrinkles, and shrinking. Hand-finished and made to order, these unique graphic designs won’t crack, peel, or warp. With dozens of designs featuring holiday icons, cartoon characters, and trending memes, it’s difficult to decide on only one sweater. 


Check out our 10 favorite Christmas sweaters below! 



Santa Ugly Sweatshirt


It wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa Claus. Show your love for all things Christmas with the classic design on the Santa Ugly Sweatshirt. Looking to coordinate a couple's outfit this holiday season? Grab the Elf Ugly Sweater for your favorite little helper.


Get iEDM's Santa Ugly Sweatshirt HERE!



Neon Snowflake Sweatshirt


Classic with a twist, the electrifying Neon Snowflake Sweatshirt is appropriate for any holiday party with friends, family, or coworkers. This sweater can be paired with blue accessories for an enhanced icy appearance. Love the winter season? This sweatshirt can be worn before and after Christmas.


Get iEDM's Neon Snowflake Sweatshirt HERE!



Grinch Ugly Sweatshirt

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the Grinch. If you wish Christmas was already over, then this is the design for you. This Grinch Ugly Sweater design is one of many Grinch-inspired styles available at iEDM.


Get iEDM's Grinch Ugly Sweatshirt HERE!



Pickle Rick Ugly Sweatshirt

Calling all Rick and Morty fans! The Pickle Rick Ugly Sweatshirt is a festive gift to those who love the TV show and an interesting collector’s item. With such a unique graphic design, you could coordinate a twin or group outfit with this sweater for your next Christmas party.


Get iEDM's Pickle Rick Sweatshirt HERE!



Catta Ugly Sweatshirt


In no way is this an ugly sweater, especially if you grew up loving Alice in Wonderland. The Catta Ugly Sweatshirt is a great addition for holiday parties and can be worn for the entire winter season. True Alice in Wonderland lovers can even double down with the Cheshire Cat Ugly Sweater.


Get iEDM's Catta Ugly Sweatshirt HERE!



Merry Chimichanga Ugly Sweatshirt


Merry Christmas or Merry Chimichanga? The Merry Chimichanga Ugly Sweatshirt is a unique holiday-themed design featuring iconic antihero Deadpool. This Deadpool-inspired Christmas sweater is definitely a rare find.


Get iEDM's Merry Chimichanga Ugly Sweatshirt HERE!



GBC Sweatshirt


The GBC Sweatshirt is a Pokémon-inspired print designed for nostalgic 90’s kids. Gift your favorite gamer this classic sweater that will keep them warm every winter. Pikachu fans can also check out the Ditto Pika Ugly Sweatshirt.


Get iEDM's GBC Sweatshirt HERE!



Thug Life Ugly Sweatshirt


Are you looking to make a statement at your next Christmas party? The realistic yet exaggerated Thug Life Ugly Sweatshirt will cause those around you to look twice to verify you didn’t arrive shirtless.The graphic continues on the back of the sweater and is just as exaggerated.


Get iEDM's Thug Life Ugly Sweatshirt HERE!



Merry Litmas Ugly Sweatshirt


4/20 is the same as 12/25, right? Celebrate your love for the trees and lights with the extra-cozy Merry Litmas Ugly Sweatshirt. For more 4/20 friendly sweatshirts, check out the Smoke Ugly Sweatshirt.


Get iEDM's Merry Litmas Ugly Sweatshirt HERE!



Christmas Is Ruined Ugly Sweatshirt


Prepare for smiles with the wearable meme on the Christmas Is Ruined Ugly Sweatshirt. This hilarious all-over print puts a holiday print on the trending meme. The bottom of the sleeves feature peeking cats for an added laugh factor. 


Get iEDM's Christmas Is Ruined Ugly Sweatshirt HERE!



For more designs featuring Christmas classics and special holiday-edition prints, shop iEDM's entire Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection HERE!


Looking to do some holiday shopping? Check out the 2021 iEDM Gift Guide HERE!


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