10 Trendy Outfits For New Year's Eve

| December 27, 2021

New Year's Eve is just days away, and you need the perfect ensemble to romanticize the beginning of 2022. iEDM offers a variety of all-over printed combos to accommodate the styles and tastes of different ravers. Every print is designed in a variety rave items including face masks, blankets, cloaks, crop tops, joggers, leggings, and more. If you're celebrating at an outdoor rave, stay warm and explore our cozy hoodie combos. 


Check out iEDM's 10 Outfits For New Year's Eve below. 



Acid Tiger Hoodie And Joggers Combo


This look is fierce and fiesty. iEDM's Acid Tiger Hoodie And Joggers Combo is cunning and comfortable for your NYE adventures! Roar your loudest by pairing this combo with a matching rave cloak


Buy iEDM's Acid Tiger Hoodie And Joggers Combo HERE!



Holographic Storm Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo


Become the most beautiful glitch in the matrix with this ensemble. This holographic color scheme is eye-catching and achieves your urge to wear a dress while staying warm during an outdoor New Year's Eve festival. Rainbow Kritter Klips would be an exquisite addition.


Buy iEDM's Holographic Storm Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo HERE!



Fire And Ice Galaxy Hoodie And Joggers Combo


Inspired by “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost? This combo has your name written all over it! Protect yourself from expected rain on New Year's Eve with this galactic hoodie.


Buy iEDM's Fire And Ice Hoodie And Joggers Combo HERE!



Pastel Hoodie And Leggings Combo


This breathtaking combo will fulfill your pastel Barbie dreams. With a robust tea rose print, this outfit can be utilized for all of your winter raves. A long pastel pink wig is recommended but not required to complete this precious look. 


Buy iEDM's Pastel Hoodie And Legging Combo HERE!



Suger Skull Hoodie And Joggers Combo


The Suger Skull Hoodie And Joggers Combo is one of iEDM’s most trippy designs yet. Trippy prints such as this one mandate LED goggles or gloves. Complete this look with your choice of iEDM accessories.


Buy iEDM's Suger Skull Hoodie And Joggers Combo HERE!

White Doodle Magic Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo 


Don a captivating paisley print with iEDM's White Doodle Magic Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo. Pair this look with a fanny pack and celebrate the beginning of 2022 in style. LED shoes paired with this outfit will create temptation for shufflers looking to dance their way into 2022. 


Buy iEDM's White Doodle Magic Hoodie Dress And Leggings Combo HERE!



Cosmic Panda Hoodie and Joggers Combo


Who doesn’t love pandas? Demonstrate your love for peaceful and diplomatic pandas by sporting iEDM's Cosmic Panda Hoodie And Joggers Combo. This outfit will keep you warm on a chilly New Year's Eve. 


Buy iEDM's Cosmic Panda Hoodie And Joggers Combo HERE!



Black Pattern Hoodie Dress And Leggings With Face Mask Combo 


Does it irk you that your mask doesn’t match your outfit? This monochromatic three-piece combo is the remedy for you. If you're interested in more outfits with matching masks, view the entire collection HERE!


Buy iEDM's Black Pattern Hoodie Dress And Leggings With Face Mask Combo HERE!



Oracle Of Life Hoodie and Joggers Combo


Are you a fan of sacred geometry? Admire the beauty of the flower of life on this charming outfit. Don't forget to check out its matching bandana mask HERE!


Buy iEDM's Oracle Of Life Hoodie And Joggers Combo HERE!



Chakra Seahorse Zip-Up Hoodie and Leggings Combo


What a sight for seahorse eyes! Enthralled with this design, but want it in a onesie or crop top? Obsess over the entire collection HERE!


Buy iEDM's Chakra Seahorse Zip-Up Hoodie And Leggings Combo HERE!



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