10 Trippy Hoodies You Must See

| February 01, 2018

Our eyes love to wander across things that give them adventure. The concept is close to music. Blank views are something that we process in such a short amount of time that it gets boring. Intricate designs give us more to recognize and process. Therefore giving you a sense of discovery and excitement. 

Eccentric clothing is a way of adding more art, thought, and consciousness to life itself. iEDM has everything you need to contribute to coloring our world. From rave wear to hoodies you can't stop looking at, this shop offers it all. 

The cold is still blowing across the nation, and during these frosty times, there is nothing better than a big hoodie to cozy up and keep warm in. Hoodies aren't just shirts. You may wear the same one for days straight. It's a good idea to make sure your hoodie is something fun to look at. 

Here are 10 Trippy Hoodies You Must See.



1. Attuned


Get those chakras aligned and your energy just right. This burst of color is here to enhance every escapade life takes you on. The complex design gives this hoodie so much detail that you never run out of stuff to look at. Show off your spiritual side and give everyone something to look at. 



2. Llamacorn


What an accurate depiction of a rave babe's spirit animal. The fabulous llamacorn is the ruling that cotton candy cloud. Floating through the sky in search of rainbows and butterflies, this little creature will brighten anyones day. Really, is there anything more trippy than that? 



3. Trippy Pika 


Pokémon loving ravers, your dream shirt has arrived. This Pika is lost in the sauce. I want whatever he's having. Everything about this shirt makes it perfect for all of your trippy adventures.

If you are a Pokemon fan, check out the rest of the iEDM Pokemon Collection HERE



4. Acid Tiger


That smiley face on his tongue looks like he's ready for a good time. My eyes can't stop wandering this work of art. Mr. Tiger has more than just a few stripes. He has fractals that are too fun to stop looking at. This color scheme tops it off, and makes it a must. Rawr. 



5. Unicorn Spew 


Have you ever wondered how those "unicorn lattes" were made now. The vibrant colors with its depth defining shading give it a 3D affect. This is the perfect shirt for adding animating color to your wardrobe without adding too much. Throw on this splash of the spectrum and dive in to your eccentric self. 



6. Euphoria 


If I could express the feeling of euphoria in a piece of art, this would be it. The explosion of bright colors swirling all together is what it feels like when all of those thoughts seem to suddenly make so much sense. It's a very exciting feeling, which is why it'd only make sense to use such vibrant colors.  



7. Blue Galaxy 


Go spacey on your out-of-this-world experiences. iEDM has multiple color schemes, so if you would prefer a different color scheme, we have your back with yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, and pink tones. Check out more Space Vibes HERE for more celestial designs. Blast off! 



8. Felix The Cat 


Trip your grandparents out and throw it back with Felix The Cat. This was one of the first successful cartoons to be produced. The grands will be so amazed that you have a Felix shirt, that they will not even notice what else is going on here. This is what happens when you put a millennial's touch on the 1920s. 



9. Einstein Puffs 


It looks like Albert is smoking on the rainbow. This genius helped us all to understand how things work. It's all so magical if you really think about it. Bend the laws of physics with your mind and let go of all relativity. Let's see what happens when the laws no longer apply to reality. 



10. Pickle Rick 


Rick and Morty is one of the trippiest shows to air in the past decade. We've been glued to these guys since 2013, but Pickle Rick's appearance last year was one of the strangest. If you haven't seen it yet, I'm not going to spoil it for you, but believe me when I say it'll trip you out!


These are all great ways to fill your wardrobe with vibrant art and add color to the world we all live in.

Check out more Trippy Clothing HERE

Rave season is knocking at the door. Check out all iEDM Rave Wear HERE.

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