10 Trippy Space Shirts That You Won't Take Off

| August 21, 2017

Space is one of the most fascinating, mystifying, beautiful things in our existence. The wonders of what could be out there are endless. The knowledge that we exist on a planet floating through space is completely mind-blowing. 

Today, Earth is experiencing a total solar eclipse, and from Oregon to South Carolina, viewers are gathering together across the US to watch this celestial event. The last total solar eclipse that crossed the US was 99 years ago, making this a once in a lifetime occurrence. 

As everyone gears up for the total solar eclipse today, we put together 10 trippy space shirts you won't take off. 


1. Astronaut Pals T-Shirt

This Astronaut Pals T-Shirt is perfect for you and your best friend. Who can resist a cute panda and a cuddly kitten traveling through space?  Shine your light and spread good vibes with this adorable shirt. 

Want the sleeveless version? Check out the tank top HERE.



2. Space Birds T-Shirt

This elegant flying bird design will make you feel weightless. The blue starry background is serene and picturesque. This shirt is super versatile and can be worn anywhere. Spread your wings with this Space Birds T-Shirt.



3. Worm Hole T-Shirt 


The famous genius, Albert Einstein discovered the mathematic equation that predicts the existence of wormholes. Wormholes are a passage through space that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. So start your journey through time with our Worm Hole T-Shirt

Also available in leggings HERE.



4. Futurama T-Shirt

We all want to know what it'd be like to live in a star wars, futuristic city where flying cars zoom about freely. But until we discover the technology for time travel the best thing we can do for now is wear it. Be futuristic in our dreamy Futurama T-Shirt.



5. Galactic Waves T-Shirt

Shred the gnar and ride those space waves with iEDM's Galactic Waves T-Shirt. Who doesn't want an astronaut riding a surf board through space on their T-Shirt? Better yet, who doesn't wish they could be that astronaut surfing through the cosmos. Show off your adventurous side and ride the waves that the universe splashes at you. 



6. Rocket Man

This Rocket Man Shirt will make you feel like your lost in space with your friends. Travel in to the abyss and lose yourself in the wonders of the universe. This colorful shirt will help you find your way on your journey. 



7. Dazzling Dimensions Crop Top


We've all seen the magnificent, colorful, starry pictures of the universe that make you wish you could just some how float through space and gaze at it all in person. Get style that is out of this world and wear beautiful, colorful novas with our Dazzling Dimensions Crop Top.

Check out the T-Shirt HERE.



8. Lush Galaxy Tank 

Show your true star potential in our Lush Galaxy Tank Top. When you look up in to the sky all you want to do is lose yourself in those stars. Turn yourself in to a beautiful collection of constellations with this spacey tank top.  

Also available in a men's tank HERE.



9. Reflection Crop Top 

You are the universe, so why not wear the universe? This Reflection Crop Top will make you feel like you are on the right path. Follow your intuition and notice the synchronicities in your life because everything happens for a reason. 

Check out the hoodie version HERE



10. Celestial Finger Print Crop Top

Be yourself in this trippy, celestial design. The colors pop through this geometric design which allows you to see all the beautiful stars and space novas behind it. This Celestial Finger Print Crop Top is perfect for when you want to shimmer and show off your colorful side. 

Check out the T-Shirt HERE.


Festivals are a perfect place to show off your love for space rave wear. Show off your celestial side with the iEDM Space Vibes Collection HERE.

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