The 10 Best Trippy Swim Trunks To Add To Your Summer Wardrobe

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| June 04, 2023

Get ready to make a splash this summer with swim trunks that are here to drop the bass and turn up the heat! Introducing iEDM's rave and dance music-themed swim trunks that will have you feeling like the life of the pool party.

From psychedelic prints that hypnotize onlookers to bold prints that scream festival vibes, these swim trunks are an invitation to dive headfirst into summer fun. So grab your sunglasses, crank up the volume, and prepare to make waves in style!

Check out iEDM's 10 Best Trippy Swim Trunks To Add To Your Summer Wardrobe below.


10) Skull 49 Swim Trunks

Skull 49 Swim Trunks

If you gaze deeply into this immersive design, you can make out the relic of an ancient skull. Layered on top of it is a digitized orientation of diverse colors, such as red, purple, and neon light blue. This swim gear is primed for an aqua-themed techno rave.

Check out iEDM’s Skull 49 Swim Trunks HERE!


9) Dazed And Confused Swim Trunks

Dazed And Confused Swim Trunks

Be careful, you might end up baked just from looking at iEDM's Dazed And Confused Swim Trunks. Transform into Slater when you toss on this distorted bathing suit. Endless piles of marijuana leaves encompass an intriguing circular pattern.

Check out iEDM’s Dazed And Confused Swim Trunks HERE!

Swim Trunks, Summer, iEDM

8) Blue And Orange Paint Splatter Swim Trunks

Blue And Orange Paint Splatter Swim Trunks

This dope fit from iEDM will shoot you right into the middle of paintball war. Splattered with orange and blue, the many rows and columns of blue dots display an optical anomaly. Given its graffiti-esque qualities, these swim trunks are a go-to option for Buku.

Check out iEDM’s Blue And Orange Paint Splatter Swim Trunks HERE!


7) Magical Balance Swim Trunks

Magical Balance Swim Trunks

Enter a world filled with your wildest fantasies as you rep iEDM's Magical Balance Swim TrunksContaining a variety of intricate shapes and a cloud-meshed background, these bottoms will be the highlight of any pool party you attend. Between all the different elements to get lost in, the DJ might forget to mix in the next song if they see you.

Check out iEDM’s Magical Balance Swim Trunks HERE!





6) The Claw Swim Trunks

The Claw Swim Trunks

“The claaaaawwwww...” Try to claw your way out of a psychoactive trance when making eye contact with this incredible bathing suit. It might be a bit messed up taking such a wholesome, kid-friendly franchise like Toy Story and turning it into an acid-fueled adventure. However, this intergalactic dripping alien is sure to leave your fellow ravers in awe.

Check out iEDM’s The Claw Swim Trunks HERE!

Swim Trunks, Summer, iEDM

5) Flamingos Swim Trunks

Flamingos Swim Trunks

Radiating Miami Beach vibes, iEDM's Flamingos Swim Trunks deliver a clear-cut image of bright pink flamboyance of flamingos. (Also, just wanted to make it known that we definitely did not have to look up what a group of flamingos is called when describing this fit.) The milky white background complements the elegant animals perfectly.

Check out iEDM’s Flamingos Swim Trunks HERE!


4) Miami Trees Swim Trunks

Miami Trees Swim Trunks

Speaking of Miami, these swim trunks boast calming silhouettes of palm trees. Behind the palm trees, a florescent blend of glowing shades form an aesthetic rainbow background. This backdrop is littered with an abundance of groovy symbols that represent the tropical nature of Florida's EDM hub.

Check out iEDM’s Miami Trees Swim Trunks HERE!


3) Dosed Dragon Scale Swim Trunks

Dosed Dragon Scale Swim Trunks

Two words instantly come to mind when being shown this print: Forbidden Kingdom. Travel back in time to a medieval era and fight off the bass-heavy night king and his army of riddim and chops. The purple, green, and blue scales will make you replicate the ferocity of a dragon.

Check out iEDM’s Dosed Dragon Scale Swim Trunks HERE!

Swim Trunks, Summer, iEDM

2) C2 Swim Trunks

C2 Swim Trunks

Transcending space and time, iEDM's C2 Swim Trunks absolutely deserve the silver spot on our list. Presenting the optimal level of aberration, wearing these to a warehouse rager is an easy way to make new rave brothers and sisters. Cyberpunk meets artificial intelligence in this extremely captivating option from our wide library of swim wear. 

Check out iEDM’s C2 Swim Trunks HERE!


1) Skull Graffiti Swim Trunks

Skull Graffiti Swim Trunks

Only the ravers who aren't afraid to clutch the rails and go insane should consider copping this amazing pair of swim trunks. The fusion of a screaming black-and-pink skull and mind-bending graffiti make you want to jump head first into a mosh pit. Snag iEDM's Skull Graffiti Swim Trunks and reach your highest basshead potential!

Check out iEDM’s Skull Graffiti Swim Trunks HERE!



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