10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Rave Bae

| February 02, 2019

We all know what bae really wants for Valentine's Day - rave tickets. Festival tickets can be expensive though, so we are here for some cheaper options that still say, you're my favorite raver in the world

Roses are cool and all, but nothing says I love you more than rave tickets and a pair of LED glasses.  

Couples who rave together stay together. Valentines Day is around the corner and finding the perfect gift for your favorite raver is easy at iEDM. From epic light up styles to fun flow art accessories, we have a huge selection of gift ideas for your rave bae. 



10. Onesies 

A vibrant onesie is on everyone's must have festival season list. They are our favorite comfortable festival fashion trend. From trippy tigers to galactic vibes, we have a huge selection to choose from. Shop Onesies HERE




9. Luminescence Sunglasses 

Glow them away with a new pair of LED sunglasses. You can choose from a variety of colors like red, blue, green, pink and purple. Grab a fresh pack of batteries and they will last all festival long. 




8. Bandana Mask 

Mask on, mask off! These neck gaiter style bandana masks are perfect for headbangers and ravers who like to go extra hard on the dance floor because they won't come untied or fall off. 




7. Light Up Fur Boa 

This light up faux fur boa is a great rave accessory for guys and girls. It changes colors and transforms your rave outfit into fancy AF. 




6. Kaleidoscope Glasses 

Kaleidoscope glasses are a festival trend that look fabulous on everyone. Enhance your light show experience with these trippy shades all while looking magical. 




5. Electro Light Up Hoodie 

Light up the dance floor with this epic zip-up hoodie design that features glowing EL wire lining the hoodie and zipper. You pick your bae's favorite color: blue, green, gold or blue. 




4. Hooded Blanket 

Get your favorite festival lover a hooded blanket for comfort, warmth and vibrant patterns! This will be their new favorite cold weather cozy accessory.  




3. Space Whip 

Whether or not your rave babe knows how to flow, space whips are the perfect starter flow toy because anyone can find the rhythm and look amazing while doing it. These mesmerizing fiber optic lights are fun for the ones watching and the ones dancing. 




2. Hydration Backpack 

Stay safe and hydrated with your rave babe with matching hydration backpacks. From holographic disco to unicorn styles, we have a selection of adorable hydration packs that will keep your belongings safe and make it easy to carry a liter of water while you rage.  




1. Pixel Pro Goggles 

Get your favorite space cadet some Pixel Pro Goggles like our bass mom Rezz. These customizable goggles have over 350 modes and patterns to choose from and can even come in kaleidoscope lens. 



Valentine's Day is around the corner, so don't sleep on ordering your fave bae the perfect gift. Check out our Festival Season Collection HERE for more gift ideas for your partner on the dance floor. 

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Lacy Bursick

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