10 Watercolor Designs For Festival Season 2020

| February 15, 2018

Rave wear isn't always neon colored, funny or scary. When romping about festival grounds, it's not uncommon to see guys and gals be decked in flags, booty shorts, tutus, onesies and more.

While raves are associated with wild patterns and eye-popping colors, rave wear can be more than that. Sometimes rave wear can be stunningly artistic and one of our newest collections features the watercolor stylings of the talented Marc Allante.

Marc brought his artistic vision and unique style to iEDM and we've compiled a list of our ten favorite designs by Marc. Here are our 10 favorite watercolor designs of 2020. 


1. Veris


The Veris design is one of our favorite new additions to our wild Animal Kingdom Collection and features a vibrant hued elephant tossing a spray of watercolors up into the air. This design utilizes a mostly blue color scheme for the elephant, which contrasts brilliantly with the white background. This beautiful design is also available in a hoodie, backpack and a hoodie-dress



2. Chai


The Chai design is cute and quirky, with a panda smoking a hookah on a simple white background. The true beauty of this design is the artsy smoke cloud above the panda's head. The large smoke cloud is rendered in a lovely watercolor style that brings a bright splash of color to an otherwise simple tapestry. One of the newest additions to our Animal Kingdom Collection, this design is perfect for animal lovers and ravers alike.

Designed by watercolor painter Marc Allante, Marc told us in an iEDM interview that Chai was his favorite piece



3. Aphrodite


A beautiful design in one of our favorite new styles, the Aphrodite Hoodie Dress is a sure win. The famous Greek goddess of love, sex and beauty is the inspiration behind this lovely design and what better animal to represent beauty and feminine charm than a peacock? The brilliant blues of the peacock's blue-green plumage matches with the green and gold of the artsy rendition of the ground. The comfortable hoodie dress style keeps wearers warm and fashionable at the same time. 



4. Pour Deux



Beautifully colorful and artsy, the Pour Deux blanket looks like something out of an art museum. Featuring a wide array of colors in a dripping paint style, the eye is drawn to the center of the blanket which features a happy silhouetted couple under an umbrella, protected from the rain of colors. The Pour Deux design is one of our newest and our best, it'll bring color and artistry anywhere you bring it. The creative design and cozy plush material make this blanket a must-have for festival season



5. Achilles



One of our newest designs, the Achilles sweatshirt is a simple white shirt with a beautiful watercolor design on the front. Watercolors are currently in and you can stay ahead of the fashion curve with this beautiful and artsy design. The clean white background and ethereal design make this eye-catching piece perfect for festival season



6. Hector


One of the most famous characters in Greek mythology, Hector was heralded as one of the greatest warriors in legend, and the hero of Troy. Marc Allante decided to honor the legendary hero with the Hector design, featuring a gold and white owl diving with talons outstretched along a galactic blue and purple band on the white background. This heroic design is also available in a tapestry, plush blanket and backpack



7. Ajax


Yet another design inspired by a great hero of Greek legend, Ajax was a Greek hero famous for his strength and courage. Ajax was a warrior on the Greek side of the Trojan War and was famous for his fights with Hector. Drawing inspiration from Ajax's legendary strength, the Ajax design has a majestic blue and white rhino on a plain white background. The rhino is an animal known for its massive strength and will bring an artistic splash to your raving wardrobe. 



8. Stardust


Stardust presents a very different design from the previous Marc Allante pieces that we have seen so far. Unlike the previous designs, Stardust does not have a white background, but instead utilizes a celestial background of magenta, purple, blue, black and white colors. The design includes the silhouettes of a happy family contemplating the starry skies. The brilliant colors and stylized design make this a new must-have for any raver's wardrobe and a sure addition to your festival outfits for 2018. 



9. Faust


Faust is yet another character taken from legend. Faust was a clever scholar who ultimately made a deal with the devil, exchanging his soul for carnal pleasures and knowledge. The Faustian legend has been immortalized in music, literature and now in clothing. The Faust design features a beautifully rendered watercolor bird of prey on a pale blue background with slight shading. This beautiful watercolor also comes in a hoodie dress, blanket, backpack and a tapestry



10. Hyperion


Hyperion is yet another mythological figure, one of the twelve original Titans and associated with the sun. This design draws inspiration from the legend of the sun god and pays homage to the deity with a flaming orange and red bird of prey on a pale blue and white background that looks like the sky. The fiery look of the bird combined with the spattering of watercolor designs on the sleeves make this hoodie unique and eye-catching. This design is also available in a hoodie dress


Check out the rest of the Marc Allante Collection  HERE

Festival season is coming up, so revamp your wardrobe with some new pieces. Visit the Festival Season Collection HERE

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