iEDM Artist Spotlight: Marc Allante

| November 27, 2017

iEDM showcases designs from visual artists across the world. We feature their unique works of art on wearable clothing from hoodies to joggers. We are happy to announce a new artist to our roster of brands: Marc Allante

Marc Allante is a self-taught visual artist who merges traditional Chinese styles with European techniques creating a unique fusion style. He was is from Hong Kong and has lived in Sydney and London, giving him inspirations from western and eastern influences. 


His abstract style uses vibrant colors 

"Funnily enough I only painted and sketched in black and white and monotone probably up until my early twenties. I think I was in a bit of a darker place personally. However, art was always this cathartic experience for me and made me genuinely happy so I decided I wanted to express myself in a brighter and more vibrant style to reflect that change in mindset. Hong Kong flats are tiny so I had to work in very confined vertical spaces which led to the whole dripping and washed out style of my paintings - as Bob Ross would say happy accidents." Marc Allante told iEDM.

His creative process involves watercolor and ink washes, and each piece takes between 2 weeks to a month depending on size. 

"Usually I will start with a series of sketches or studies which gradually evolve into a final art piece! I work on traditional medium so it requires quite a few layers of watercolour and ink washes and building detail until I am happy with the final piece."

Below is his piece called Alastor next to the iEDM all-over print Alastor Hoodie


His Favorite Piece is Called "Chai"

"Chai and my shisha bear series was a fun little side project that I did a few years ago. My themes can be very eclectic sometimes but I do find it fun to experiment and try different things from time to time."

Below is the original artwork next to iEDM's Chai Hoodie. Chai depicts an adorable Panda exhaling a rainbow of smoke from a hookah. iEDM also offers Chai on a 50" x 60" Tapestry HERE that is the perfect art piece for any panda lover. 

Allante told iEDM that a panda is his spirit animal because chilling out is him in his natural element. 


He is inspired by animals

"Animals are a favorite subject of mine and many of my subjects are inspired by my travels abroad and to various natural environments. I was just in Whistler searching for bears but unfortunately no such luck," Allante told iEDM. 

From an amazing elephant called Veris to vibrant birds, there is a design for everyone. His watercolor designs look amazing on iEDM's all-over print hoodies

"I have been really pleasantly surprised how well the artworks have translated onto sublimated format and very happy with everything that has come through!"


We are happy to showcase Marc Allante's beautiful and unique style on sublimated hoodies, tapestries and blankets. Check out the entire Marc Allante Collection on iEDM HERE. We believe in wearing art! 

For more of Marc Allante's art, check out his full portfolio HERE

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