10 Ways To Wear The Universe

| July 18, 2017

The cosmos are full of infinite color and creation. From different far away galaxies to spacey gases, humanity has been able to capture some breathtaking images of our heavenly surroundings. 

When I see these pictures, it makes me realize how small I am, but also that I'm still part of something that is so incredibly big. It's a feeling of universal unity.

Artists and designers have taken what we've been able to see and incorporate it into their own creations. iEDM has a wonderful collection of cosmic clothing for everyone that enjoys it as much as I do. Check out these 10 ways to wear the universe and get your daily dose of space vibes


1. Galactic Valley Shirt 

This shirt has a galactic view from an Earthly stand point. The color scheme is my absolute favorite and works well for anyone. You can wear it just about anywhere: festivals, raves, school, and in some cases even work.



2. Coral Corona Crop Top

Summertime is here and crops are in. Stay cool and show off your infinite side with this colorful top. This is also great for just about anything, from the gym to the grocery store, to your favorite festival



3. Galactic Waves Shirt 

We're forever surfing the universal waves. Show off your inner nautical astronaut side, and give people a scene to gaze at. I wish I could watch these waves crash.



4. Galactic Weed Tank 

This is fun to look at, but it WILL give you the munchies. Moon phases, pizza, flower, and the beautiful cosmos. That sounds like an amazing night, and it's all on a shirt. 



5. Starlit Valley Crop

You can catch some beautiful views right here at home - on mother Earth. It's a relaxed and mystic scene with an eerie dark side as dusk turns to night. 



6. Galaxy Pug Shirt 

I have found the shirt for all of you pug lovers out there! I've never really understood what the big deal about pugs were but this little guy is the cutest! This trippy space pug is ready to take on all of the adventures with you. 



7. Astronaut Pals Tank 

Ok, I thought the pug was cute... but look at these two though! You can wear this shirt with almost any neutral color; black, blue, tan, white. Time to get lifted with your best pal. 



8. Galaxy Weekend Shorts 

I feel like I'm looking into someone's beautiful blue eye when I look at these. Comfy, cool, and cosmic, you can wear these when the heat is rolling through, which happens at most festivals. 



9. Confetti Cloud Booty Shorts

Get the matching top and go green at your next EDM event. Don't forget to accessorize with leg wraps, fluffies, and kandi. You'll be the galactic green goddess. 

To get the matching top, CLICK HERE. 



10. Worm Hole Leggings

In this case, they really are just looking at your pants. Year-round EDM wear that you can wear anywhere is how you'll get the most for you money. You can wear these hiking in the mountains, or to a festival. 


When you are part of the EDM life and you see someone out wearing these, you automatically know they are fam! There are infinite possibilities with the Space Vibes Collection HERE.

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Kylie de la Bruyere

Kylie de la Bruyere

Read More...Kylie is an Atlanta based writer with an incurable wanderlust. She found her way to EDM music at very early age when her parents would play their Florida breaks techno and amuse her with flow toys in the living room.

Ultra Miami 2015 was her first music festival, and she has been to over 15 more since. Her favorite EDM artists are Bassnectar, Purity Ring, Flume, Griz, and RL Grime. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in marketing with a focus in entertainment. Future plans include living, loving, and creating.

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