10 Things You Absolutely Need At An EDM Camping Festival


| June 06, 2016

Electric Forest and Mysteryland, the crème-de-la-crème of camping festivals, are just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! Camping fests are an experience unlike any other; you’re literally living in a festival so essentially it’s a dream come true. You might think, “oh man, what do I need to bring to *insert the name of camping fest here*?” besides obvious things like a tent and extra clothes. Not to worry, whether you’re a camping fest veteran or it’s your first time, we’ve got you covered with a full-proof list of 10 absolute essentials you’ll need at an EDM camping festival:


1. Portable Chargers

It’s essential that you bring a portable charger or two for your phone or other devices that you don’t want dying on you. There’s nothing more frightening than losing your friends at a festival while your phone is dead… but losing them with a dead phone IN A FOREST?! No one wants to know what that feels like. Bring a charger, fam!


2. First-Aid Kit


We don’t mean to roll up to the campgrounds with a suitcase of medical supplies here. You’re camping, you might get a cut or two, stuff happens! Don’t venture out across the grounds for something as simple as a band-aid or alcohol swab.


3. Folding Lounge Chairs

You’re going to want to chill at your tent with your homies and just vibe out at one point during the fest. Set up a chill space and make your very own mini-living room!


4. Tarp/Shade Structure

Get some sort of shade structure or canopy for your tent, for shelter and weather purposes, so that you and your squad don’t get soaked (throwback to TomorrowWorld last year) or get blinded by sunlight. Check out Wal-Mart for an inexpensive, easy to set-up canopy!


5. Custom Flag Or Totem For Your Tent

That little tent is your home for the next 3-4 days, so be creative and mark your territory with a fun flag/totem. You’ll also be able to tell your tent apart from all the others!


6. Jammypack

Is it a speaker? Is it a backpack? NOPE, it’s both! No need to bring a speaker with you to use when you’re partying at your tent, the Jammypack is a convenient portable speaker backpack that comes in a variety of dope colors and styles that cater to everyone.


7. Ear Plugs

You’re back at your tent after a long day of festival-ing and ready to hit the sack, but the turn up is still going in the tent next door. You can A) channel your inner grandpa/grandma and tell those young whippersnappers to keep it down (not the best idea) or B) wear ear plugs and fall into a sweet, much needed slumber.


8. Blankets

It’s hot during the day, but chilly at night. Snuggle up in your humble abode of a tent with copious amounts of blankets, so that you can have your own “camp and chill” sesh, while staying warm and not suffering from hypothermia.


9. Toiletries

Yes, you’re in a forest and there aren’t fully functional bathrooms. But no, that doesn’t mean you can walk around looking/smelling like a woodland creature. Stock up on baby wipes, toilet paper, dry shampoo, deodorant, etc.!


10. Fruits And Snacks

Fruits will keep you hydrated throughout the weekend and are super nutritious, so get yo vitamins and pack some fruit, along with other snacks to munch on.

… but most importantly, bring your awesome vibes and your dancing shoes!



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