2017's Top Rave Accessories To Gift

| November 20, 2017

As the crazy year of 2017 comes to an end, the holidays are sneaking up quickly. For ravers and festie goers iEDM is the one stop shop for all of your rave gifts. The art filled clothing isn't the only thing that will catch peoples eye. 

There are so many rave accessories; flow toys to keep you and everyone around entertained or an LED accessory as a simple addition to your perfect rave outfit

Here are 10 accessories that topped them all this year. 


1. Bandanas 


Bandanas are essential for clean breathing at festivals. The dust kicked up by all of the raving attendees and cars rolling through can cake up dirt in your sinuses and send you home with a pretty nasty cold after the festival. Cover your face with a trippy bandana for style and to avoid the post festival flu.



2. Hydration Packs 


Water saves the day many times during your adventures with the squad. It is easy to become dehydrated while dancing all day in the sun. Hydration packs carry more than what fits in a bottle and also has little zip pouches for other things you may want to bring with you. 



3. Blanket


Blankets double as a cozy comfort to cuddle up in when it gets chilly at night, and something for the group to sit on. It is so convenient to have an area established to set things down you may not want to carry the entire time. 



4. LED Gloves 


Not only are these fun to play with, but watching people with them is just as entertaining. Light shows from glovers are always unique and its a cool way to connect with the music. 



5. Orbits


Orbits are easy to learn. Pick on up and you'll get the hang of it within 5 minutes. It's a great flow toy for beginners or to share with at raves



6. Poi 


Once you pick them up, you will never put them down. Poi is one of the ultimate flow toys that every artist should add to their collection. There are so many moves to learn, the possibilities are endless. 


7. Kaleidoscope Glasses 


Add to your experience with the sight multiplying kaleidoscope glasses. Look through the crystal glass for a multifaceted visual display. They look cool, and give you a cool look. 



8. Space Whip 


Space whips feature advanced LED Fiber Optic Rave Technology that is perfect for body wraps, flails, and handle tricks. This flow toy will create a galaxy of light where ever you whip. Pick one up and unlock your flow. 



9. Spike Diffraction Goggles 


Diffraction goggles are a cool look with many different styles. They go great with everything from fairy costumes to Burning Man outfits, and could even be the centerpiece of your get up. They have a unique look and trippy view when you look through them. Every raver should own a pair. 



10. Kandi Masks 



This mysterious look has unlimited possibilities. So, there is something for everyone; Transformers fans, gamers, Marvel followers, etc. Not only are they one of the amazing top accessories, but also one of the most affordable.


All 10 of these make perfect gifts for both guys and girls. We hope you get a stocking full. From all-over print hoodies to LED accessories, iEDM has everything your favorite raver wants this holiday season. 

Check out more Rave Accessories HERE. 

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