2022 iEDM Gift Guide

| November 29, 2022

The most wonderful and merry time of the year is here once again! Get your Christmas shopping done early this year with the help of iEDM’s Gift Guide.

Here at iEDM, diverse styles accessible to everyone including the raver of the family is our goal as we listed unique Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, and Essentials applicable all year long outside of festival season. Stocking Stuffers and Festival Favorites are categorized in iEDM’s Gift Guide to aid in your decision-making for a special gift. 

The iEDM Gift Guide displays Gifts Under $25, Gifts Under $50, and Gifts Under $75 applicable for your budget. Want to save more cash this holiday season? Save and buy more at iEDM’s Clearance Sale HERE!


Check out our iEDM Gift Guide 2022 below. 


Gifts for Her 


Hoodies + Outerwear 

All-Over-Print iEDM apparel is guaranteed to never fade, crack, or peel. 100% Premium Quality (Poly-Fleece) Fabric in every hoodie ensures wrinkling, shrinking, abrasion, or mildew will never occur. Hand-made and made in the USA, every clothing item supports the artist that designed the pattern.  

Designing gifts for both substance and style, gifting the raver of your family a hoodie for their rave closet is a heartwarming surprise they may least expect! The Outerwear Collection provides many styles: Crop Hoodies, Zip-Up Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and Pullover Hoodies. A new Hoodie or article from the multiple outerwear options, makes a practical yet thoughtful gift for anyone in the family. 

Onesies take the cake for a Christmas gift! Many ravers will wear their newly gifted onesie at a New Year’s Eve music festival to stay warm. If your raver doesn’t like Onesies, Rave Cloaks are comfortable and contain a more distinctive style than a trench coat.



Hoodie Dresses are ideal for a warm and fashionable look; say goodbye to plain outerwear! Hoodie dresses are also paired with matching Leggings to endure colder temperatures. Christmas Sweaters are also available because who doesn’t love wearing a Christmas sweater while opening the remainder of your presents?  

Don’t forget to check out the Outerwear Combos Collection and Rave Outfits Lookbook organized just for her, so you can save time finding the perfectly coordinated look to gift this year. 



Tops + Bottoms

Bodycon Mini Dresses are a versatile addition to your raver’s wardrobe! Every Bodycon Mini Dress is great on its own but can be accentuated with a pair of tights, boots, and matching accessories. 

Other than that, Crop Tops, Rave Bras, and Racerback Tanks are premium choices for any rave babe to exercise her style choices at any EDM event. Booty Shorts, high-waisted shorts, and Leggings are suitable on their own with rave wear basics or with its matching patterned top. Booty Shorts and a Rave Bra can be coordinated to withstand the heat of a Summer festival whereas a Hoodie Dress and Leggings is best for a Winter festival. 

Get creative with the top and bottom combinations and view the entire Festival Collection HERE! 



If Winter apparel doesn’t appeal to you or the gift receiver, bodysuits can be used all year long! Bodysuits can be used at the pool or beach but also layered with bottoms during Winter. Leggings, jeans, skirts, and shorts can complete an outfit with either low-cut or high-cut bodysuit

Gifts for Him

Hoodies + Outerwear 

Bomber Jackets add a trendy touch to all outfits at a rave or during casual settings. Rave Cloaks and Onesies never fail to add a cozy feeling and preparation for those raves that are scheduled to be Rain Or Shine events. Staying warm and dry at raves against the harsh elements has never been easier or looked show stopping! 

If your raver, family member, or friend only has one hoodie–this is the gift they will never ask for but may need the most. An array of Pullover Hoodies, Zip-Up Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and Christmas Sweaters are available made-to-order and are in full swing during this cold Winter!  



Tops + Bottoms  

iEDM provides every style of a T-Shirt you could think of! Long Sleeve Crews, Drop Cut Tees, Fitted Tees, Graphic Tees, Festival Tanks and Muscle Tanks complete any look for any occasion. 

Joggers and Shorts can be paired with any Men’s Tops to create any outfit combination of your dreams! Cloud Shorts come with a drawstring and are the softest shorts you’ll ever wear! Cloud Shorts are designed for relaxing while iEDM’s Shorts are designed for everyday wear.  

Swim Trunks 

Everyone deserves to love their swimwear as much as their favorite outfit! iEDM’s Swim Trunks Collection breaks the monotony of typical and average swimwear. These Swim Trunks are neither too long or short. Gifting these Swim Trunks will shock your raver with excitement to sport them out at pool parties this upcoming Summer. 

Accessories + Rave Essentials


Multifunctional and quintessential, Accessories and Rave Essentials enhance every experience at home or at raves; we like to think its important to gift your raver or family member with some essentials that they may need for this year. 

Hooded Blankets and Beach Throws are a must-have at campsites, pool parties, or camping festivals. Hooded Blankets emphasize your comfort in your home or while camping at raves with freezing temperatures. Beach Throws are wonderful for the beach but can also be used as a blanket to sit on in the middle of festival grounds. 

LED Bucket Hats are the latest addition to the iEDM Accessory Collection that add to the festival’s ambiance and the outfit! Eye-catching and hypnotic, Bucket Hats come in Reflective or with a Light-Up Wire. Because it is vital to keep your belongings safe at any time, Fanny Packs and Backpacks secure the items that shouldn’t be lost or forgotten such as keys, IDs, and wallets. 



Goggles, (Light Up) Eyewear, and Sunglasses are the missing piece to a pashmina or rave ensemble. At times when lasers or the sun are intensely bright, eyewear helps diffuse the overstimulating sensation. Eyewear truly is a #1 essential that is fitting for any occasion. 

Face Masks, like eyewear, will never go out of style. There are Face Masks for everyone in the family! Whether you enjoy a Rave Bandana Mask, Bandanas, or a basic Face Mask, there are plenty of Face Mask styles to choose from. Those Face Mask Collections include Holographic, Kids Cloth Masks, Light Reactive, Blacklight, and more! 

Makeup Bags, Tote Bags, and Phone Cases are only a few of the many Rave Essentials that will make suitable last-minute gifts if you run out of time before Christmas.


Home Goods


Don’t know the specific clothing sizes of your raver? In this case, buying Home Goods in lieu of clothing is a wise choice, especially if you’re unsure of which gift to purchase. Tapestries, Canvas Wall Art, and Posters are designed to decorate white, empty walls of any home. Talk about a welcoming housewarming gift! 

Complete bed sets including Duvets, Blankets, Pillows, and Pillow Cases are available now in the same patterns and designs of your favorite iEDM Rave Outfits. You’ll never have to gift boring home decor again! Your raver will thank you for the extraordinary home goods that will spruce their home for the New Year. 

Glow Gear 


Gifting Glow Gear when you're a flow artist is like giving a gift that keeps on giving! For example, if you flow with an Orbit and gift one to a raver who has wanted to practice, this is the perfect time to give them a glow accessory! Many people have begun their lifelong flow journeys when other flow artists gifted them the accessory leaving a priceless impact. 

Space Whips, Masks, Poi & Flowlights, Premium Gloves, and Space Sabers,  are beginner-friendly to begin practicing. Poi & Flowlights and Levitation Wand may require more time to adapt to the instrument. Whatever your decide to gift your raver, wish them fun while learning the art of these striking accessories!


Give some love to the raver in your life this year with the help of iEDM's Gift Guide! iEDM wishes you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! 

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