5 NYE Outfits to Blast You Into the New Year

| December 19, 2016

The New Years always bring good cheer, not to mention some of the best festivals around the country. Seriously check out one of these amazing parties if you haven't got plans for the new year yet.

Once you've got the spot down, you're going to need to rock an equally compelling outfit to the show. We've had our fun in the summer months of festival season, we've even showed up to local gigs rocking the best of our rave gear. Now isn't the time to stop, it's the time to up the ante! 

1. Ironic Christmas Sweater

Who said you had to leave this gem at the ugly sweater party? Check out our top picks for ugly sweaters to keep you warm all winter. Waiting outside the festival is going to be cold for most places. You'll be thankful for the bundle of joy you have wrapped around you. 

Wearing one of these sweaters to bring in the New Year just goes to show how fashionably conscious you are by wearing an "ugly" sweater slightly past its due date. You can get some good fun memes on your sweaters or rock a throwback from the good old days. The choice is yours. 

2. Merry Yeezus 

Yee! This holiday is one of the greatest of all times, it doesn't have an end date. Rock our Merry Yeezus gear and feel free to add an array of plain colored clothes to the rest of your outfit in pure Yeezus fashion: intergalactic beyond this planet greatest of all time genius of the century and man of the ages (we don't need no damn commas) boundary defining grammar ignoring greatness of the self-aware self proclaimed messiah of rap. 

Got a little carried away there. But you understand the point. Mic drop.

3. Going Coastal 

There are some of us who live in year-round beautiful climates. For others, it's just a dream of summer as the winter months lay their snow and frigid winds, testing our patience. Though beach vibes in the winter months is something we all need. Once you make it through the cold, or if you make it through the less than satisfactory cool weather, throw on a coastal tank. 

This is an outfit that can be worn best with sandals if you're really committed and some cool board shorts. Keep mixing and matching until you're so surfer bro-ed out that you'll be saying brah as a qualifier to all of your sentence, know what I'm sayin' brah? 

4. Ladies Night 

For the ladies, there isn't ever an event that you can't dress up in super raver gear. You'll be spending so much time picking out a stylish outfit through an infinite amount of choices. Luckily, we've got a few suggestion.

You can never go wrong with a cool crop top. Surfing Pika takes a little style from the going coastal and gives you that nostalgic vibe that completes the top half of the outfit. As always, a pair of fluffies and good booty shorts will bottom out the look and make the ladies look complete. 

5. Ladies Rave Wear 

Everyone on New Years Eve is ready to party. While it might be a little cold, you'll still be able to rock your favorite new rave styles. How is this possible in the snow-pocalypse you say? Well it comes from you becoming a winter wonder of style. Take this amazing light up winter cincher or look through other types of rave outerwear that will keep you warm in the winter glow. 

Ladies we're looking at you to get this party poppin'. Long tresses and equally amazonian pursuits of fashion should be topped off with a light up whip. Play the part of a space faring electronica mistress into a party that will light up the night into the new year. 

Take a gander at all of these outfits and see what you're ready to wear for a brand new year. Who knows where the electronic land of music will take us to next...

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