5 Songs With Incredible Lyrics

| November 07, 2016

A lot of songs we just listen too without ever thinking about the meaning of the song or the actual lyrics themselves. We just sing along to the beat and happily jam out. This can mean a lot of the times, amazing lyrics go without being appreciated. 

For those of us that appreciate the deeper meaning behind lyrics, this list is for you. Here are 5 songs that are lyrically underrated, but have seriously amazing lyrics.

1. Party Favor – In My Head

Party Favor is not the first person who’d come to mind when we think of beautiful lyrics. Normally Party Favor would be the jam of choice when you want to do all of the hood rat things. However, hats off to him on this track.

I never said that I was done, believing you'd come around
Been holding out, been holding out for ya
My head screams to let go
But these strings are tangled up in you
Maybe I said too much, Am I a little too much?
If you are the waves I'll dive in 'til I hit the ocean floor
This is a war worth dying, fighting till I'm yours.

2. Zedd - Illusion

When it comes to lyrics, I'm always a sucker for a good metaphor. Now give me an entire song that's filled with metaphors based on a constant theme and I'm completely sold. Illusion hits us with all of the fairy tale idealistic concepts, one after another.

It feels like the fairy tale is over
I really wanted these pages to begin with
"Once upon a time" like all those lullabies
I should've known better, I'll admit it, I thought when I let you in
You were my shining knight from all those stories

3. Zeds Dead - Stardust

Straight off of their debut album, they know how to get an album going. The entire album itself is just incredible, but this song specifically was a stroke of lyrical genius.

These things don't last
Even when the hard times pass
You present me with solid gold
When you love what is not your soul
From the first night
I was wrong, I belonged to a song that's getting old
But you came and you left me

4.Seven Lions - Worlds Apart

I have previously referred to seven lions as the Adele of EDM and I will stick by that statement until that day I die. This song is an oldie but a goodie and it will quite literally never get old. Trying to just decide between one Seven Lions song that has amazing lyrics was the real task because they all are just incredible

I keep reaching but you're not reaching back
You're not reaching back
Trying to get in, find you through the cracks
Guess I'm trying to say
It hurts to feel this far
Million miles away
Next to me, next to me you are
And if you're sitting right here,
Then why are we worlds apart?


5. Adventure Club - Limitless

This is one of those songs you have to listen to a few times before you catch the lyrics, and that's okay. Once you do understand the lyrics, it has just such a great message about how we're all, well, limitless.

I refuse to just exist, I’d rather shoot and miss
So i'mma raise my fist And live it limitless
Renegade, See the world through open eyes
We ricochet across the dark blue skies
While the masquerade Is for the ones who want to hide
I won't stay in shadows all my life


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