A TomorrowWorld To Remember

A TomorrowWorld To Remember
| October 09, 2015

This year’s TomorrowWorld will certainly be remembered, but not for the reasons the TomorrowWorld creators had intended. TomorrowWorld, the sister to the Belgium’s Tomorrowland was held in Chattahoochee Hills, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend. (September 25-27) The 8,000-acre open grassland faced on and off scattered rainfall during the three-day festival. As a result, the festival ground turned into a one big muddy mess with thousands of festivalgoers stranded with limited access to transportation, food and water over the weekend.

TomorrowWorld 2015

Following the weekend’s rainfall and muddy land, festival organizers' for America’s largest EDM festival began to limit transportation on Saturday night, which left many TomorrowWorld customers with little to no transportation. Many were left stranded and ended up dishing out hundreds of dollars on Uber to return to their homes and hotels. According to other media outlets, TomorrowWorld created a parking refuge nine miles from the festival grounds where they ran shuttles to and from the festival. However, because of the rainfall shuttle pickups and Uber/taxi pick up stations were cancelled which, left a large number of festival attendees stranded in bad weather conditions some without food or water. The limited to no transportation services forced many attendees to walk a lengthy and muddy nine miles in the middle of the night to access transportation services, since the roads were considered inaccessible.

TomorrowWorld 2015

To make matters worse, TomorrowWorld organizers cancelled Day 3 to non-Dreamville campers (single day ticket holders) due to the weather conditions. They announced the cancellation via their Facebook page, leaving many EDM fans heart broken by the news of being denied from seeing some of their favorite DJs including headliners Hardwell and Armin van Buuren perform. 

Many festival attendees took to social media to express their outrage over the lack of management and organization at the weekend’s festival:

 TomorrowWorld 2015 disaster

 TomorrowWorld 2015 fans express their disappointment on social media

Tomorrowland also took to their social media page and extended an apology to the all affected by the weekend’s turn of events: 

TomorrowWorld 2015 apologizes for weather conditions 

This isn’t the first time EDM festivals have been unexpectedly cancelled due to weather conditions. In 2013, Governors Ball faced an early cancellation due to huge amounts of rainfall that turned Governors Island in NYC into one giant mud pit and resulted in thousands of dollars in repairs. As well as Electric Zoo’s Sunday mid day cancellation last year due to extreme weather conditions. In both cases, the events were able to get back on their feet and produce an outstanding experience for its attendees. We’re sure TomorrowWorld will take careful measures for next year's festival and bounce back from this past weekend’s disaster! 

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