7 Fashion Themes For You and Your 'Fest Friends' Tribe


| May 15, 2018

From fanny packs to fisherman hats, festivals see pretty much every trend there is. Fests become playgrounds to unleash your most secret style desires in a pretty much judgement free zone. But when you’re traveling in a pack, theme-ing your festivals outfits with your friends is the way to go. Here’s ten ideas that will inspire your crew’s wardrobe for the Summer music season:


1. Flower Power


Bring out your inner child and craft some daisy head crowns to match your flowery gear all weekend long. All your girls and guys can get creative and accessorize with items like this Flower of Life Bandana, this Flower Power Men’s Tee, and this Feline Plush Blanket for crew picnics and lounging, or even a flag you can use to find each other!



2. Retro

Retro everything is in right now and this theme can carry your whole team so far. Go 70’s, 80’s or 90’s with some tiny sunnies, wide leg pants, and far out colors. Here are some items to get your vintage looks started. Internet Tank Top (pair with mini sunglasses and wide leg distressed jeans), 90’s Swish Shorts, or this Game Over Crop Top.



3. TV & Movies


Not only will this theme make you more friends, because you’ll get to use “Want to Netflix and Chill” shamelessly, but you’ll get to wear Star Wars gear all. weekend. long. Winners: Pokemon T-Shirt, Rafiki Tank, Oscar the Nug Hoodie, Yoda Blanket.



4. Crystal Crew


If crystals and jewels light you up, then this is theme is your hidden gem. Spray yourself with sunscreen, roll around in some glitter until you’re covered from head to toe and wear this Lightening Hoodie Dress with some cool space or Moto boots. You’re about be fab AF, I know you can picture it. Also, these sunnies will set your outfit off.



5. Artsy 

If you want the liberty to get really weird, here’s the theme where you can go big. Body paint, balloon sculptures worn as crowns, just get wild. Try the Wonderland Crop Top, Chai Sherpa Blanket or Zebra Bandana.



6. Cartoons

It might not be Saturday morning, but cartoons are such a fun theme for a festie crew to sport. Here are my picks: Charmandar Tee, Ancient Mew Tank, Elmo combo.



7. Babe

If your crew is your boo, then here are some items to make you the cutest pair in fest-town. Get some matching sneaks or rain boots, and put on these coupled pieces. Go sky-high with these Astronaut Pals His and Her tanks. Crush it with these cool pieces: Candy Shorts + Top, Candy Men’s Tee. Or share the weight with this Easy Changes Backpack.


If you’re still in need of some inspiration, check out more Collections HERE to share with your best fest your crew.

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Danya Shaikh

Danya Shaikh

Read More...Danya Shaikh is a Chicago resident who enjoys yoga, spirituality, art and all things music.

She grew up all over the world, and her international upbringing is what influenced her taste in music.

Her favorite festival is LollaPalooza because of the mix of music genres, the city and water backdrop, and the beautiful mesh of people.

Danya loves everything from chill house, hip hop, EDM mixes to dubstep.

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