A Look Inside The Spectacles Of Sonic Bloom 2017

| July 19, 2017

Each year Sonic Bloom grows in new ways. This year there were a couple changes and upgrades while keeping old traditions alive that have been growing ever since that initial Mishawaka campout with Zilla and friends, 12 years ago.

One development this year was the impressive new laser setup that washed over us, painted the trees, spontaneously shot through the campsite and somehow spelled out Sonic Bloom in the sky at one point. Secondly, there was an additional sunrise set this year. Beyond that, new artists delivered new sounds and installations.

Photo Credit: Shutterfinger Photo

It seems artists like to play their new music to the Sonic Bloom crowd since they served up a lot of unreleased tracks. My guess is that artists must recognize the strong track record of success people have within the music industry after their sets at Bloom (take Pretty Lights for example), so they figure it is also good move to plant new material in the heads of Sonic Bloom goers then watch it grow. 

CharlestheFirst Meadow Stage, photo credit Frejo Music


This year there was rightfully a lot of buzz around Whitebear and CharlestheFirst

Let’s see where Whitebear and CharlestheFirst are on lineups this time next year. Beyond their sets, I had a hard time leaving the Hummingbird Stage this year, which hosted most of the techno and house music with acts like Barclay Crenshaw and Golf Clap to Marbs and Porkchop from the Desert Hearts collective who properly held down all of Sunday.

Another big spectacle of the festival came from the Gigantic Cheese Biscuits, which comprised of Jason Hann on the drums and mic, Michael Kang, Michael Travis (String Cheese Incident), Dominic Lalli, Jeremy Salken (Big Gigantic) and Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner (The Disco Biscuits). Needless to say, they killed it.

Photo Credit: Eric Allen


This year people migrated where they camped a bit, wisely moving closer to the creek on Hummingbird Ranch. 

There were tons of valuable workshops around permaculture, life, music and particularly The Unified Field Theory, the concept Sonic Bloom encompasses. The theory takes more than one workshop to fully understand, but in a nutshell, it is about how we are all connected through the energies around us. To hear and learn more about the theory watch Jamie Janover’s workshop by clicking HERE

Colorado Big Game Trophy Took Hunter Founder, photo credit Alina Hokanson


Three years ago at Sonic Bloom, the Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters was born out of a joke. This year they were more involved in the festival experience by running a ticket giveaway and hosting some friendly competitions. Join the hunt by clicking HERE.




Thursday night Kalya Scintilla warmed the crowd by debuting his Evokation 2017.

For Friday’s sunset Random Rab took the decks, where he played a bunch of music off his new album, Formless Edge, which was unmistakably released on that day. There are so many of his songs that boost me with energy. I had to ask him about his inspiration for writing them, particularly around one of my favorite tracks of all time, "You’re Not A God."

He says the name came from when he saw and heard his crazy neighbor yelling “Your Not A God” over and over again. For some reason it just stuck with him so he made it a song title. Random. One single that stuck out to me from his set was "A Little More Free."

 Other sets that drew me in came from Ott., Desert Dwellers, SaQi, ill.Gates, Papadosio, ill-ēsha, kLL sMTH and Unlimited Gravity B2b Project Aspect.


Photo Credit: Eric Allen


Oh yeah, there was a chocolate fondu fountain to dip marshmallows, gram crackers and pop-tarts? Into! 

As the festival came to close on Sunday night, I found myself transfixed on Templo‘s set at the Meadows Stage. He has a drippy and appealing downtempo sound that was perfect for wrapping up the festival. After his set I got a chance to chat with him about his sound and summer.

Templo also mentioned that he will be coming out with new music soon. Stay tuned. Once we finished talking with him, we ran over to the main stage to watch the Sonic Bloom Orchestra finish off the festival with a bang.

Templo, Photo Credit: Frejo Music


Jamie Janover was the conductor as so much talent came onto the stage, leaving everyone with smiles on their faces as they went back to their camps for one last night of soaking up the vibes.

 Some people chose to head to the Valley View Hot Springs Monday to fully decompress and keep the Sonic Bloom community vibes alive a little bit longer.

We look forward to next year, but to keep us copacetic in the meantime, there will be a Sonic Blossom party at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and the Aggie Theatre on Nov 3rd and 4th with Kalya Scintilla, Bluetech and Whitebear headlining…

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