Aazar Talks Pop Dat and Upcoming Filet Mignon Tour in Exclusive iEDM Interview

| August 07, 2017

In the EDM world, tracks cycle in and out of popularity very quickly. During the late summer and fall of 2016, every producer played The Chainsmokers' "Closer'" in every set. Two months later, "Closer" had fallen off the festival radar. However, there are a few tracks that have made such a huge impact in EDM sets that they're still played, even two years after their debut.

Aazar's "Pop Dat" is one of the most popular tracks featured in DJ sets, and iEDM had a chance to sit down and chat with Aazar about his tracks, new music and upcoming Filet Mignon tour. 


iEDM: 'Pop Dat' is one of the most often featured tracks in DJ sets. Even people outside of EDM know the hook. How does it feel to have your track become so popular? Did you foresee its success? 

Aazar: I knew it would be a banger, sure. When I did it, my friends told me that 'this shit, right now, is a banger. Everyone is gonna play it." So I gave this record to DJ Snake, Diplo, and everybody and one week after, everyone was playing the track.

iEDM: How does it feel hearing all these big names play it during their sets? 

Aazar: It's crazy, even this year. Everyone was still playing 'Pop Dat'. Like Tiesto was playing 'Pop Dat', Don Diablo, Marshmello, everybody. You know you did a great job when people are still playing your track two years later. 

iEDM: What producers inspire you and your music? 

Aazar: Point Point showed me another world, a lot of underground stuff and shit like that. So to be honest, they inspire me a lot, they showed me a low of new styles, new music. Every time they send me new tracks and new vibes and it’s very inspiring for me. 

iEDM: How does it feel to be playing at the same show with producers like Tiesto and KSHMR, huge and transformative members of the EDM scene?

Aazar: It’s awesome. Three years before I was in Paris starting to understand how to produce music and now three years later I’m on the big stage with Tiesto and I’m friends with him. If you told me three years ago like “yo you’re gonna be friends with Tiesto, you’re gonna play on the same stage as him.” I would say no. I wouldn’t think so. So yeah, I’m very lucky.

iEDM: I can imagine. So next month, you’ll be on your Filet Mignon Tour with Point Point and Dombresky. What are you looking forward to the most in that tour?

Aazar: First I want to spend time with my friends, because Point Point and Dombresky, we’re all family. And I want to hang out with my fans, I think I’m very close to them but I want more. Every time I can, I’m answering on Snapchat, so I want them to feel like I’m someone close. I’m not different or a big star. I’m someone like them. We all like music, having fun together and that’s it.

iEDM: Okay, so there’s gonna be a lot of new music on this tour then?

Aazar: There will be a lot of new music. No genres or stuff like that. If you want to play trap and then something very underground, then we’ll play trap and then something very underground. 

iEDM: No genres, I really admire that. Last question, any final words for your fans?

Aazar: First, everything has happened because of them. When you feel the love of everybody, it gives you power and I have a lot of new stuff coming, so I want them to be ready for everything that’s coming. I don’t want anything to change and I want everyone to have fun. 

Thank you Aazar for taking the time to chat with us. We wish you the best of luck on the Filet Mignon tour, and we look forward to hearing all the new music that will see its debut! 

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